Your Heart Will Set You Free, Learn to Listen to It

October 10, 2016

How do you think people like Nelson Mandela or José Mujica could be locked in four narrow walls for years and still be able to forgive after their martyrdom? Only your heart will set you free, not the place where you find yourself.

Mandela would repeat a famous poem to himself: “Invictus” from the poet William Ernest Henley. Its last part said, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Only within ourselves will we find our true strength and our real freedom.

Your heart will set you free

We hear one phrase or another, things like “this is a free country” or “that is a dictatorship where there is no freedom.” However, these are light claims that do not really correspond with a real meaning of freedom.

A person can feel very free under a totalitarian regime, while another person living in a democratic location can feel the chains of slavery resting on his shoulders like a real gravestone that weighs down on every step that he takes.

“The chains of slavery only tie our hands: it is the mind that makes men free or slave.”

-Franz Grillparzer-

Woman Walking through Field

In our heart, in our mind, and inside ourselves, nothing can steal away our true freedom. What does it matter if you cannot express it? You will always know that you are a being with your own conscience and that is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.

What happens when we don’t listen to our heart?

When I say that your heart will set you free, it means that only by listening to your true feelings, your nature, and your most intimate way of being can you find yourself and know exactly what it is that you need and want.

When we don’t listen to our hearts it creates an internal environment of slavery and unease.

  • Have you ever felt like you were in a relationship that was going nowhere? You put up with it because you think this is how things are supposed to be. Or maybe the insecurity you feel about being alone and not having someone at your side squeezes your soul so that you do not end up making the real decision that you know deep down is the right one for you.
  • What about your job? Do you feel like you are in the right place? Do you feel like you are doing the work that you are good at and that allows you to develop all of your personal and professional potential? Or maybe you are at a company where you do not feel like you are valued but you do not leave it because you have no other solution and you have a terrible fear of not finding another job even though the risk could be worth the trouble?
  • What do you think of your friends? Do you feel valued at their side? Do you believe that the people around you are worthy of your company and understanding? Or maybe you feel such a great fear of pushing them aside because you cannot handle being alone and not feeling somebody at your side, even though they might not really care about you?

Listen to your heart

Now, if you identify with one of these situations, I would like to give you some advice that will help you to develop all of our potential.

  • Your heart will set you free, do not forget this. Look inside your heart and maintain an extensive conversation with yourself so that you can discover what it is that you really desire. The first thing is setting your goals.

“If you don’t have inner freedom, what other freedom are you hoping for?”

-Arturo Graf-

Woman witih Arms Up in Flower Field

  • Once you have set your goals and you know exactly what you desire, the moment comes to believe in yourself. There will be many hurdles in your path, as well as people who will discourage you or your own fears. However, some day you will say that it was difficult, but you did it. Have no doubts.
  • Work in the right direction at all times. Know that you are going to face a complicated and lonely path that few people dares to follow. But if you do not stop and you always move forward with your eyes set on your true goals, nothing will be able to stop you.

Now, remember this mantra: “Your heart will set you free.” Walk towards your true personal and professional development and discover what your most intimate desires are so that you can give them the right answer, just what you deserve.