This Year Out With the Bad and In With the Good

This Year Out With the Bad and In With the Good

Last update: 07 June, 2017


In 2017 just remember, if you want to be someone special be yourself.   You can replace “I want” with “I can”. Big things are not as important as the little ones because those small details allow us to find true happiness. Happiness lies in the simple things of life.

Don’t forget that the beauty of subtle worlds lives in the fleeting moments. These moments are born for us to fly and let go.

In a nutshell: Do not ruin today’s new opportunities by dragging into your future a past that no longer exist. Crush the past. That past that anguishes you. Click on the update button and restart your emotions.

Recharge your battery. Add hope to your life . The arrival of a new year is very symbolic. It should be greeted with a touch of sweetness; even if nothing changes from one moment to the next.

Break up something and absorb the shock . There lies the magic of a new beginning.  This year remember: there is no better gift than sharing meaningful moments with those you love.

Don’t forget that a beautiful face will grow old, a gorgeous body will change but true knowledge remains in the study of oneself.

Do not allow conventionalism to dictate the way you live your life. Do not allow the clock to stop counting the time you spend in the presence of your own self. Also remember, kilometers do not determine distances , attitudes do.

Plan your new life, close cycles, embrace endings and create new stories with the language of your emotions.  Start your own adventure, Do what you love and reclaim your passion.  Remember to love profoundly ; especially love the person that greets you in the mirror every morning.

Take care of your health. Do everything you can for those around you. Bless the time you spend around your roses, that makes them special.

Stay away from people who constantly complain. They can certainly ruin your life. There are toxic individuals that drain us, suck up our vital energy and kill our capability to react. Give special attention to this: stay away from conflict. By doing this, we will improve our emotional and physical health.

When your birthday comes, do not be sad and do not regret you are growing older. This is a privilege denied to many.   To add some gray hairs, to pull pages off the calendar and count a new year in our life should always be a reason for joy. Just be happy for life itself and for still being here.

True happiness is always having something to do, someone to love and something to expect . This year enjoy the simple things in life, the ones that make you truly happy. 

Remember, sometimes, society can be selfish. Do not expect others to acknowledge what you do or don’t. Just do it. Be sure of yourself and of what you give. Do not build mirages and fantasies. Do not sell smoke. Appreciate what you have and do not desire excessively what you lack.

May all the good in this life follow you, find you and embrace you.   Let everything else pass through. Allow each experience to come into your life; even if it is just for the sake of turning into a lesson.

Turn each lesson into your own. Shape every stone of your road. Paint each stripe and each ending. Stumble, fall. In times of trouble, write dotted lines after each set back. Learn and grow.

Please do not ever forget love should not be begged and if you have to beg for it, it is not love. Be aware that abusive relationships are ever present. You should always examine what they contribute to your life.

Always be mindful that you should care for those who contribute to your life in a positive way. There is never a total lack of time if we truly care. Remember this, and never forget it: if you do not perceive a real interest you are free to move on.  Do not feel guilty.

Be conscious of the good and bad. Everything good in life is supposed to mess up our hairdo. It is always better to live upside down while looking towards the horizon. The best way to be safe is by fearing mediocrity…

Everything flows even though time, occasionally, becomes our enemy.   Today the clock and the calendar are both in your favor. Don’t ever forget to fully live each and every day of your life.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.