Worn Down or Not, Your Heart is Your Heart

Worn Down or Not, Your Heart is Your Heart

Last update: 28 July, 2022

No matter how much you ignore your heart, no matter how many blows you receive, though you may waste it or abuse it, it will continue being your heart. It is always going to be there, in your chest, suffering for you.

Because it wears down from the vicissitudes of life, due to suffering, fatigue, boredom or pain. But it always continues being your heart, close and sincere. Your most intimate me.

The worn down heart

There are certain events in your life that can wear down this vital organ. Suffering and pain are inherent parts of being a human being. And with each blow that this vital organ receives, the deterioration increases.

Have you ever felt those blows that life gives you, that seem to steal a piece of your heart in the process? Such a big piece that it feels as if you are out of breath and lack the strength to go on?

heart with white tear

A human heart is hit thousands of times throughout one lifetime. Sometimes they are small stumbles, other times they are great battles. But it remains, beating, the force behind every breath you take and always keeping hope, though you might attempt to hide it.

Because deep down, each one of our hearts harbors our deepest longings. A very intimate dream, a particular and personal fantasy, an end goal. No matter how hard we try to forget or ignore it, it remains, unperturbed, forming part of the battered vital organ that pumps all of the blood in our system.

Big hearts

“A big heart, no ingratitude can close it, no indifference can tire it.”
-Leo Tolstoy-

A big heart, one that knows where it is and where it is moving towards, is much harder to tire out. It will withstand any kind of abuse with strength and poise. It will always be true to you, with renewed breath every single day.

Since our heart is a vital part of our lives, and it will always be there, battered, worn down, and tired, it is always best to listen to it, understand it and try to make it happy. 

Because no matter how much we feel like our life is falling to pieces when a piece of our heart is robbed from us, or we receive a strong blow, we should never close ourselves off to our designs, desires and tribulations.

The heart is a complex organ

“The human heart is an instrument of many strings. A man with perfect knowledge knows how to make all of them vibrate, like a good musician.”
-Charles Dickens-

A heart is a much more complex organ than anyone would think or imagine. It has many springs to make our dreams come true, and various abilities to defend itself from blows.

Thus, though it may be worn down, though we may think that it is our heart that makes us suffer, this is not the case. Because it responds to your most intimate desires. 

When someone harms and wears it down, you are not the one who is doing something wrong for listening to it. It is the person who hurt you, because he didn’t listen to his own. Because he thinks he has the right to hurt other people.

Someone who listens to their heart will never receive contradictory information, will never feel the need to harm others, or the need to be happy at others’ expense.

girl hugging heart

A heart, no matter how battered it may be, knows how to understand others. It knows how to respect its peers. It knows the longings of others, understands and helps them, just like it wishes to be protected and supported.

Therefore, it’s best for you to forget that your heart is battered and tired, because your heart, despite the passage of time, always finds the energy to keep moving forward. Search for the illusion within your soul and use it to make your life fuller and happier.

Thus, although you may think that it is worn down and that you must protect and hide it so that it wont keep getting hurt, don’t make the mistake of not listening to it. Because happiness resides in this organ, which knows exactly what your most intimate desires are.

Always listen to your heart. Forget its deterioration, and take advantage of each and every virtue that it provides your life. Because that’s the only way that you’ll be able to find your place in the world, that you’ll be able to smile at life, waiting for the future with a soul full of hope.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.