When Someone Hugs You With Their Eyes

Hugs are magical: They can transmit peace, tranquility and love to us in very simple ways.
When Someone Hugs You With Their Eyes
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Written and verified by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 11 April, 2024

I love those people who have the special ability to hug me with their eyes. They can be completely silent and not say a thing, but they still get through to me at my toughest moments. It’s amazing how they convey so much with just a glace. They don’t demand anything of me or pressure me. They just stand beside me.

They’re people who feel like home. It’s like they’re magic, with a heart so big it doesn’t fit in their chest. They’re experts at calming me down and helping me fly and spread my light. They’re good and inspiring, but what really sets them apart is their love for other people.

I admire them. They’re my role models and what I treasure most in life.

I know no other sign of superiority than Goodness.”
-Ludwig van Beethoven-

Magical people who hug you with their eyes

I love their magic. They have an ability to convey peace, inspiration, and the feeling that every moment you spend together is special. They’re thoughtful, polite, and have a huge sense of responsibility and respect.

While they’re masters of non-verbal language, they always use their words at the perfect times. They never say too much, or too little. Their words are like a seed they plant in people. They give them to you so that a beautiful flower will start to grow inside you: self-esteem. But it will only blossom when you water your soul and look after yourself.

This is exactly what their magic is. They have this ability to make amazing things happen from a place of simplicity and humility. But they never give away their secret either: internal wisdom.

Their best strategy is using silence to create feelings, heal wounds, and show others how to do the same. They also know when it’s right to hug you if you’re feeling down. Being around them is like being sheltered, because they wear an invisible cloak of peace and security, sewn together by love.

There are magical people out there. I swear, I’ve seen them. You can find them in hidden corners all over our planet hiding their true selves. They try to act just like everyone else. That’s why it can be so hard to find them sometimes. You should never let go of your memory of them. Don’t tell anyone, but people say their magic is so strong that if they touch you once, they’ve touched you forever.”

-Author unknown-

Experts at brightening up cloudy days

People who hug you with their eyes aren’t just special because of their magic. There’s something in the light they bring that sets them apart too. They radiate a goodness that shines out for miles and miles. Even if you have your eyes closed you’ll be able to feel it because it’s so strong.

They’re experts at spotting other people’s cloudy days. These are the days where you can’t find any joy, your motivation has gone out the door, and sadness takes the reins. While they never promise you any rainbows or for anyone to look happy, they do listen to you. So you feel heard, validated, and understood. They make you feel loved.

hand holding heart symbolizing people who hug you with their eyes

These are the people who shine a light when things are dark, but never force you to shine yours. They understand that everyone needs help on their cloudy days, so they give you all the light they have.

They have a ton of patience, and they’re great at giving you space to make mistakes. They’re so good at empathizing with other people that it almost seems like they’re from another planet.

They have a special sense for connecting, creating trust, and investing themselves in other people. All it takes is to catch their eyes and you realize it. “I’m here,” or “don’t worry” are two things their eyes are always saying.

They’ll never do anything to slow you down

They’ll always be there for you, but they’ll never do anything that will stop you from growing. So they’ll never be overprotective or tell you to run away or avoid things. They think that once you’ve picked up your pieces, it’s you who has to keep on going.

“You have to look out for the details. They’re the little stones that pave your path through life.
-[Translation] Katherine Pancol-

People who can hug you with their eyes are absolutely unforgettable. The best thing you can do if you have them in your life is to care for them, give them your time, and, of course, value what they do.

Because even if they have infinite affection, they should still get some back too. You have to care for the people who care for you, because they deserve it and they need it as well. 

Thank you, you lovely, magical people. Thank you for giving us the absolute treasure of your company.

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