What Color is Your Personality?

What Color is Your Personality?

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Our daily reality is enveloped in a wide range of colors. Within this spectrum, we choose several of them to keep us company on a regular basis. Perhaps you do it without even being aware, or maybe you’re very aware of which colors are constantly present in your surroundings.

Intense, warm and pale colors that travel through our life, through our clothing, the color of our car, the paint on the walls of our home, our makeup, and the objects that we intuitively incorporate into our surroundings, according to our favorites. But, why are we attracted by them? What color is your personality?

The relationship between colors and your personality

It’s possible that, at first glance, this may seem silly – a game lacking any scientific value. But it’s safe to say that studies regarding colors and personalities boast quite a bit of relevant literature. There are various studies by psychologists and marketers. They looked into how we’re influenced by a selection of colors and the time of purchase, or in the process of selecting certain products over others, and how to favor certain states through certain colors. A whole world of suggestion just waiting to be discovered.

It’s good to keep in mind that colors are part of a light spectrum, and as such, emanate certain types of energies depending on their wavelength. Imagine how you would feel, for example, if you entered a room painted completely black. Or the feelings you get when passing through a living room decorated in blue and green. We can’t deny it; colors emanate sensations and emotions. Let’s see how they’re associated with our personality:

  • Red: intense, active and very optimistic. Tend to be of strong character with a clear inclination towards competitiveness in the workplace, with a touch of impulsiveness and a certain need to be in control. These people are sure of themselves with an open and intense character, but as a down-side, their quick impulses and lack of reflection.
  • Orange: are you very sociable, while staying within the lines? You like to be surrounded by others, while maintaining a certain seriousness and balance, you’re understanding and very accessible to those around you. You typically enjoy sports, movement, and achieving small goals on a daily basis. You’re not very impulsive, but you enjoy initiating projects with which to feel involved and full of illusion.
  • Yellow: These people are very, very creative. Despite their creative streak, however, they maintain a sense of logic, and rather than having an overwhelming imagination, they have one that is rational and practical. This type of person tends to be very analytic, and even hard on themselves, in such a way that they become equally as demanding of the people around them. They also have very good control over their emotions.
  • Green: This is a relaxed personality which, above all, values contributing to the lives of others and having others contribute to theirs. They seek closeness with others and are anxious to feel safe and loved by having them around. They occasionally feel scared of being hurt because of this dependence, but nevertheless, are vital and positive — very positive. These types of people also love to receive recognition for their efforts and actions.
  • Blue: This personality is all about balance and inner-peace. The people who lean toward this tonality are mostly in search of tranquility and inner-peace. They live according to their beliefs and thoughts, without giving any importance to other people’s thoughts or opinions. They don’t sway easily, and have deeply-rooted values and integrity that they never leave behind. This personality is strong but relaxed, and very, very balanced.
  • Purple: These people are organized, highly emotional, and above all, spiritual. This profile is very sensitive, however, when they are hurt they don’t show it easily, and choose to keep quiet and avoid showing their emotions in the moment. Before doing so, they meditate and reflect, and then put words to their thoughts. They reflect, think, seek inner-peace, and are also very open to helping and guiding others. They tend to be wrapped up in humanitarian causes.
  • Brown: This personality is rooted to the earth; to that which is physical and simple. These people love a natural and easygoing lifestyle, and their idea of comfort is being constantly surrounded by their loved ones.
  • Gray:  This is not a negative color, in the least. Leaving the famous association of the color gray and a feeling of sadness aside, people who like this color are balanced, tranquil and somewhat conservative. They can also be cold and so rational, that often times people have a hard time angering them. One of their most prominent defects is their passive-aggressiveness, and they rarely abandon their routines in order to participate in complex plans.

Surely after reading this, you’ve felt identified with one or more colors, which is usual and to be expected. So, tell us: What color is your personality?


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.