Want to Find Your Ideal Partner? There's an App for That

Want to Find Your Ideal Partner? There's an App for That

Last update: 31 October, 2015

Technology, lack of time, and the loss of direct communication are social phenomena that are changing the way we interact with people. Now you can find a romantic partner by choosing from a selection of candidates online. And going out to a bar and asking things like “What do you do?” is now a thing of the past.

Nowadays everything can be bought, sold, and solved through technology. Incredibly enough, now there is even an app that can tell us who we’re compatible with, who we’re not, and who is definitely our ideal partner. Unbelievable, right?

This app uses a bracelet to measure our physical reactions when we interact with people, our level of excitement and stress. It also analyzes our conversations through text messaging, instant messenger and the photos we receive on our cell phones. It combines all this data, enters it into an algorithm, and just like that, it tells you whether you’ve found your soulmate!

When this app has enough data, it can be like a wise friend. It tells us who we should stay away from. Well, not exactly. It simply erases people. Pretty interesting, right?



What about the old-fashioned way? 

How can we choose a partner without the help of technology?

Well, that’s exactly where life’s excitement lies, in the fact that there are no magic formulas to make sure we always choose the correct people. And it’s precisely in the mistakes, disappointments, and successes that we discover the meaning of life. Because that’s how life is and that’s how we should accept it. Learning from ours and others’ mistakes, learning to forgive and forget…ultimately, learning to live without fear and resentment.

Because how many times have we said “I wasn’t expecting that from him,” “I can’t believe he did that to me,” “I’ll never trust anyone else again” to ourselves? Others make mistakes…and so do we. Life is full of people that give us positive things, negative things, that help us and disappoint us, people with a set of values different from ours, etc. Human beings are imperfect by nature and that’s why we shouldn’t constantly be sorry for things.

This app will surely become a hit, because at the very least, it’s interesting. But don’t forget to bet on your own intuition and criteria. It’s sometimes right and sometimes wrong. But always dare to meet new people.

The app called “pplkr” (people Keeper) was created by a group of 8 students from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently it’s only available in the USA and for users who have an iOS operating system.

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