To the People I Like...

To the People I Like...

Last update: 28 July, 2022

“I like people that move, who don’t have to be pushed, who don’t have to be told to do things, but who know what has to be done and actually do it. People who cultivate their dreams until those dreams become their own reality.

I like people with the ability to assume the consequences of their actions, people who risk the certain for the uncertain to go after a dream; who can escape sound advice by leaving the solutions in the hands of God our Father.

I like people that are fair to other people and to themselves; people who thank the new day, the good things that exist in their life, who live every hour cheerfully doing their best, grateful to be alive, able to give smiles, offer their hands and help generously without expecting anything in return.

I like people who are able to criticize me constructively and to my face, but without hurting or offending me. People who are tactful. I like people who have a sense of justice. These people I call my friends.

I like people who know the importance of joy and teaching. People who, through joking, teach us to view life with humor. People who never cease to be childish. I like people whose energy is contagious.

I like sincere and honest people, capable of opposing anyone’s decisions with reasonable arguments. I like faithful and persistent people who do not give up when it comes to reaching goals and ideas.

I like people with judgment who are not ashamed to admit they were wrong or do not know something. People who, by accepting their mistakes, genuinely make an effort to not make them again. People who fight against adversity. I like people who look for solutions.

I like people who think and meditate internally. People who value their fellow man, neither by social stereotype nor by how they look. People who do not judge or let others judge. I like people with personality.

I like people who are able to understand that the biggest human mistake is trying to take from their minds what does not come from the heart.

Sensitivity, courage, solidarity, kindness, respect, peace, values, joy, humility, faith, happiness, tact, trust, hope, gratitude, wisdom, dreams, remorse and love for others and oneself are fundamental in order to be called PEOPLE.

To people like that, I promise anything for the rest of my life, because by having them with me, I am well rewarded.

Mario Benedetti


It is these kinds of people who steal my smiles, who are pure energy. Since we all have both defects and virtues, we just need to maintain a good balance.




I like how people are; it’s pretty simple really, we usually only complicate life by setting expectations that lead to disappointment. We are the true creators of disappointment.

Often we tend to assume that others will take advantage of us and are going to hurt or deceive  us. A simple gesture or a slight look is all it takes for our mind to create a world of terrible ideas which probably do not coincide with reality.

But generally, people are good and we do not differ so much from each other. You do not need to have a clinical eye to understand this, but rather it is enough to be open to valuing our relationships without ruining them. We make mistakes and we are full of flaws, but they are not what define us, however, it is our perception that makes them stand out.

Benedetti already said that the many people worth surrounding oneself with are those who let us breathe, do not smother us and are not toxic. I like people as much as I like to laugh. There is nothing wrong with engaging with happiness, which is the greatest thing that we are granted.

In short, I like people who say what they think, but I like people that do what they say and think about what they do even more. I value authenticity, because the act of joining the verbs “say” and “do” is the most wonderful coincidence.

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