The Time Has Come: It's Time To Be Happy

The Time Has Come: It's Time To Be Happy

Last update: 26 January, 2017

It is always a good time to decide that we want to start  to be happier without any more reasons than ‘just because’. In fact, the present moment is the best time to take the reins and raise the flight to all the goals we have set for ourselves, because there is only one way to get a star and it’s by pointing to it.

‘Now’ it is synonymous with ‘opportunity’ to be happy for no reason other than the need to be for oneself and by oneself, so that we can also be with others. This seems so obvious and yet, there are more and more sad faces in a world where paradoxically we should be able to be happier.

It is never too late to be happy

Typically, whatever happens to us passes through a series of mood swings, because good things must alternate with the not so good. However, when being happy is the reason that makes us do it, it stands out above the rest: there are small droplets that make up happiness and can make any day shine.

These droplets of happiness can be found in the most unexpected situations, in the most unexpected places, in things that are believed to be most insignificant: a detail, a hug, a meal, a memory… everyone keeps their sample of having been happy.

girl smiling amongst the stars

That is exactly why it is never too late to be happy or rather, that happiness appears at any time. In addition, achieving this happiness will not depend on the effort put into searching for it, but the attitude to have in order to know where it is waiting to be seen. Being happy is spontaneous, but the option of being happy must be present.

“At any given time the option of being happy is present;

we just have to choose to be happy.”

-Steve Maraboli-

I want, I can and I deserve to be happy

On the other hand, happiness is free or at least it does not cost money. In fact, it is one of the greatest gifts we can have, as it appears without warning and makes us give more value to the things we have.

As a gift, everyone has the ability to receive love and happiness. It’s just that we are not aware sometimes. In this sense we may want to be happy but we cannot find the keys to achieve it, such as in those moments when we seem to have bottomed out.

“Happiness is not produced by large windfalls, which occur rarely, but by little advantages that occur every day.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

However, when we are predisposed to understand that suffering is optional, we can adopt a more appropriate attitude. Happiness comes in the form of general well-being.

girl in a pink dress happy and dancing

Each day more human, happier

Suffering, like mistakes and falls, helps us feel more human; since for an infinite being happiness does not make any sense. Being happy means also experiencing sad states because balance is needed to grow as people.

“The supreme happiness in life is to have the conviction that we are loved for we are, or rather, despite what we are.”

-Víctor Hugo-

Sometimes we wonder how people who are next to us love us despite all our shortcomings and the mistakes we make. But whoever stays does it because they understand that to be happier you have to be more human and, therefore, imperfect.

Finding happiness is similar to seeing a field full of tall trees and still being able to spot a ray of sunshine. Therefore it is worth having the attitude ‘it’s my turn to be happy’ because a small ray of sunlight that illuminates the forest is more than enough.

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