The People Who Only Want You When They Need You, Don't Deserve You

The People Who Only Want You When They Need You, Don't Deserve You

Last update: 04 September, 2016

The people who only want you when they need you, don’t deserve you. They don’t deserve to call themselves your friend, and they don’t deserve your attention. However much time passes, and however much things change, they never change their selfish attitude.

This doesn’t mean that they’re bad people, it just means that your relationship isn’t healthy. It’s not a good match. This shouldn’t make you feel bad, you should just realize that this is a part of life. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.

Bonds are forged and strengthened through reciprocity, interaction, and exchange. The people who are really on our side emotionally are the ones who come to us when they need us, and who are there for us when we need them.

When a relationship consists of giving and giving, it will eventually fail as feelings turn sour.


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Indifference shows an absence of love

Indifference is the best way to show someone that you don’t love them. That’s why we shouldn’t prioritize anyone who treats us as an option. Mostly because the biggest priority in our lives should always be ourselves if we want to find balance.

Because the damage caused by indifference, selfishness, and neglect shows up when we look in the mirror. We don’t understand that we deserve love, and we don’t know how our love for ourselves and others died.

“You don’t deserve anyone whose indifference makes you feel invisible and absent. You deserve someone whose attention makes you feel important and present. 

You don’t deserve anyone who raises your hopes with their words and then crushes them with their actions. You do deserve someone who says less, but does more.

You don’t deserve anyone who only wants you when they need you, but rather someone who is always by your side when they know you need them.

You don’t deserve anyone who makes you sad and makes you cry, but rather someone who makes you happy and makes you smile.”

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When hope is the last thing to be lost

Sometimes it hurts when hope is the last thing we lose, as we wait, with great self-control, for a miracle to happen: that their selfishness will turn into gratefulness and interest in sharing moments together.

These desires have a certain degree of rigidity, and when we choose to separate ourselves from them because they’re not of any value to us, then we start to think things like “what if I’m wrong?” and “what if they’re not really being selfish?”

However, the only thing this does is submit our well-being and our emotions to the will of other people. Who hasn’t stopped to realize that they may have blinded themselves to the evidence and ignored their own emotional needs?

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We often screw up the present waiting for changes in our relationships, changes that will never come if we don’t do anything to improve the situation or try to find balance in these relationships.

Often, the solution involves speaking calmly with these people so that they realize how unequal the relationship has become. However, some people are simply disrespectful and selfish, which they don’t even try to hide.

In any case, we should seek a healthy balance for both parties. If this doesn’t happen, we should choose to be our own priority, take care of ourselves, and start to follow a story-line in which we are the protagonists.

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