The Enigmas of Intuition

The Enigmas of Intuition

Last update: 01 February, 2017

Intuition has been the subject of heated discussions in different fields of knowledge. It has been featured in countless political decisions, and countless scientific discoveries. However, when we solve a problem intuitively, for many, it is explained as a mere flash in the mind, or as a set of random coincidences.

Usually, intuition is seen as something that is under a veil of mystery. This is because it is a form of perception that allows us to access knowledge, but we do not know how it originates. It allows us to notice what had previously gone unnoticed. It even makes us aware of something that we are not unaware of, but rather something we had forgotten.

“It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition we discover.”

-Henri Poincaré-

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced moments of intuitive understanding. Usually, we discard it because we think it lacks logic. However, although there is no exact definition for intuition, this does not mean it doesn’t exist.

In a way, intuition is direct perception of the truth. It is independent of any form of logical reasoning. This knowledge is expressed without knowing that we know it. It requires a balanced integration between mind and heart.

A look at intuition

We can do what our intuition tells us and in the process of experimenting, from trial and error, learn to be mostly intuitive. It is vital to explore silence when trying to stay connected to ourselves to let the intuitive mind flow.

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Intuition makes understanding emerge, and sometimes reveals the path we should follow. Finding the true meaning of things and the profound nature of the mind, it allows us to recognize, learn and experience the truth. We  have to train our attention if we want to develop our intuition.

The peculiarity of intuition is that it goes beyond reason, without opposing it. Of course, it doesn’t replace it, but it does complement it and sometimes comes before it. We link ourselves to the creative and it takes us beyond the known boundaries. We also cannot frame it within the realm of the rational or the irrational.

Obviously there are factors that hinder or promote the development of intuition. For example, indecision, reason, fear of making mistakes, lack of trust and appreciation of ourselves, obstruct it. In contrast, action, attention, serenity, open mind, perception and learning, benefit it.

Specific observations

There are situations that need to be resolved immediately. That’s when stored memories are activated in our mind and have a direct relationship with that which we need to resolve. Such memories are emotional and are associated with rights or wrongs of the past. Of course, these memories will determine the decisions we make in the present.

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For example, we are presented with a job offer. Our brain turns to all of our work experiences stored there and we then select the option that we consider most convenient. The development of this sequence occurs consciously. Therefore, we will be able to explain the reasons that led us to make this decision.

By contrast, there are situations in which this decision is made unconsciously. If the result is positive, it is claimed that was the product of intuition and we cannot explain the reason for knowing that this was the right path. In this sense, intuition is a kind of gut feeling, which is not mediated by consciousness or reasoning. But it is by past experiences and emotions associated with them.

Intuition and experience

Studies developed at the end of the last century, between professionals from different areas, yielded interesting results. For example, it was found that those with more time practicing their profession were mostly intuitive. The most surprising thing was that their intuition rarely failed. This is the case of doctors who are said to have a “clinical eye”.

Of course, more experience will give us the possibility of greater success, without having to go through extensive reasoning. Some people believe that being right by intuition is a matter of mere chance. The answer is no. The experiences that we permanently incorporate to our unconscious, are what make our intuition sharpen. It is no coincidence, but another way to reach true conclusions.

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Previous experiences associated with a feeling are what influence the decisions we make intuitively. This process occurs unconsciously and it has variables that depend on the personality and beliefs of each individual. For this reason, we find subjects that are more intuitive than others. Although for much of the world of intuition remains an enigma, it is clear that this is a reality that operates daily.

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