The Art of Attracting Magic into your Life

The Art of Attracting Magic into your Life

Last update: 15 August, 2019


Our souls yearn for magic. Kids love all stories about magic and fairytales. Even as you get older magic and fantasy still have their place in your heart, but it gets easier and easier to forget the “spells” that bring it out. And that’s when attracting magic into your life becomes a fundamental need.

Stories about an invisible, magical world are so attractive to kids and adults because they all have the ancient archetypes that we’ve experienced in our life’s journey. These stories open up your senses.  They wake them up in a way that lets you see the magic–plain, simple, and wonderful–that’s all around you every day of your life.

All over the world and throughout history people have written stories about fantastical creatures and amazing events that have surprised and inspired people. And that’s been going on for thousands of years. Behind all those stories what you can find is our imagination, but also a lot of our hopes and fears.

We all need magic in our lives

We all need magic, and when you reject it that means something’s wrong. But the magic is there in everything around you. Rejecting it is like rejecting a huge part of yourself and your potential.

It seems like difficult circumstances are what especially traps you in this adult perspective that pushes magic away so much. It’s a perspective that hides away the child who’s still inside you: it’s not that it’s not fun anymore, it’s just that it also brings you anxiety.

As adults, we constantly find ourselves stuck solving problems, fighting (or protesting) against all the injustices we feel like we’re victims of. These are the kinds of the circumstances you try to survive, but while you’re doing that you forget to look up. The good news is that it’s possible to attract or re-attract the magic. Shaping a magical vision of the small things is a mental state, and everyone has the power to create their own “magic button” to bring them into that state whenever they want.

How to attract lost magic

Your mind is incredibly powerful (much more than you think), and with a bit of training you can completely change your mindset. What this means is that you can pin down all those magic moments that you’ve stopped noticing while you chase after the clock, which, unlike you, never has to make any stops.

Believe in yourself

You can’t find beauty outside if you can’t see it inside yourself. If you’re always looking for outward approval you’re going to lose valuable time. And that’s time you could have spent dreaming about your next big projector or developing any new skill you want to learn.

When you believe in yourself and your abilities, the possibilities become endless. You turn into a creative human being, you dare to dream, you dare to grow, you dare to share your visions with other people, and you lose your fear of being ridiculed for it.

Everything starts with a dream, a vision, or an idea. The difference between people who believe in themselves and people who don’t is that the people who do believe they’ll be able to take one more step than their strength allows them. And that’s when the miracles appear and they end up reaching heights no one thought they ever could.

Get yourself moving

We’re all the conductors of our own lives. We can act in a lot of different ways and influence the circumstances we find ourselves in, and how we act in all these times will lead to a certain result.

So it’s important to know what mind state you’re in when you’re about to act. If you’re acting from a place of love, compassion, and understanding, your actions will always be magical, graceful, and powerful. And they’ll also be part of a greater good. When you act out of love you won’t just feel better yourself, you’ll also inspire other people to do it too. Love always attracts more love, and that goes way beyond the concrete results of any action on its own.

But if your actions come from your ego, if they have a basis in mistrust, fear, suspicion, or criticism, you’ll just attract those same things. You’ll attract the same kind of people and situations over and over again: the ones that keep on locking you into that exact same pattern.

Now’s the time to change that. Don’t be afraid. There’s magic waiting for you around the corner, and the best part is that you can create it. In fact, we’ve already gone into most of the ingredients for creating magic, now it’s in your hands to attract it.

Find magic in the small things

There’s magic in a lot of the things around you, in the small things alongside you every day. It could be a sunset, the starry sky, a child’s smile, the birds chirping, the breeze against your face, the rain that refreshes and nourishes life…

Magic isn’t a question of fantasy. Seeing the magic in everything around you means recognizing and being thankful for all the wonders in your life. So for you to find and attract magic, you have to start by being thankful for the wonderful gift you already have, the gift that keeps on giving with each beat of your heart: life. And that’s because a big part of the magic we’re talking about is truly just inspiration, strength, and energy.

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