I Am Thankful for the Nights That Became Mornings

I Am Thankful for the Nights That Became Mornings

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We cannot choose the music that life is going to play for us. We can’t ask for the song that we love so much to play over and over again every day. But we can lead the dance, decide on the partner who will later be friends, and dress our heart to interpret our personal choreography.

It is true that dancing sometimes requires no partner. It is always a good thing to improve our own steps and know ourselves on the dance floor, but there are choreographies for which we are surely going to need a helping hand from people who feel the beat the same way we do.

In this cases, the choice of a dance partner who will accompany you is one of the most important decisions: together, you will go through tired spells, you will overcome rough patches, and above all else, you will learn not to stop dancing under any circumstances. Family, including the one we find, makes up this team. So do friends.

Hearts that push us not to stop dancing

Willpower and courage are the two main weapons that a dancer uses to successfully overcome all of their obstacles. When people tell them they will never manage it, when they do not move as well in certain styles of dance, when there are moments that it is difficult to express themselves with their body.

Friends Having Coffee

Friends are like the courage, will power, and strength that we lack. Those who tell us that yes, we can. Those who give us a helping hand in the most complicated situations that leave us speechless. Those who will understand when we do not speak. And those who will do it for us if necessary.

“Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.”

-Movie A Beautiful Mind

Friends are those hearts that will push us not to stop dancing when the first signs of exhaustion appear and we feel tempted to stop. They are those marvelous people who make a hug worth more than any other action.

Their laughter is water in a desert

Thinking about my friends, I cannot separate them from a poem by Luis Alberto de Cuenca. The laughter of friends is capable of pulling us out of our worst places.

“Sometimes the treasure digs you up.”

-Benjamín Prado-

Diving into Water

Thanks to them, the coldest nights have meaning and value, because they make you see what you are not seeing and the following morning comes courageously. Thanks to them, the hardest nights are weaker, or at least they make it seem that way. Thanks to them, the mornings, when they arrive, do so filled with spring and leaving behind all winter.

Sometimes the dance is slow, somber, very hard, and even sad, but your dance team stays by your side. They follow the choreography until the end, by your side, helping you do the most complicated acrobatics and waiting until the music fades away.

Friends, the “rock and roll” of life

Continuing with the dance metaphor, every dancer must listen for the rhythm that leads them. This is why friends are the best dancers that we could want in our dance school. No one better than them to listen, even if they are listening to your silence. No one better than them to guide your rhythm and be your example. To offer you their time, which makes friendships grow and strengthens affection. No one better than them to coordinate themselves with you, in the good times and the bad.

Friends Dancing

Friends are the rock and roll of our lives, that rebellious and yet sophisticated and variable spirit that will anchor your feet to the dance floor and only let you lift them to keep dancing. Friends are, in short, the people you can thank for your nights becoming morning, the reason for dancing.

“If you’ve got nothing to dance about,

find a reason to sing.”

-Melody Carstairs-

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