Thank You Mom and Dad for Always Walking Beside Me

Thank You Mom and Dad for Always Walking Beside Me

Last update: 14 June, 2018

Thank you mom and dad for always being by my side, even if I didn’t always see it. Thank you for making our bond so strong that it survived all the mistakes I made growing up. Thank you for creating a family, sowing your values, ​​and waiting patiently for the fruits they would produce today, and every day.

I love how you’ve walked beside me but haven’t fallen into the temptation of controlling each of my steps as I grew up. You guided me at time and offered advice at others. And it empowered me to grow.

You’ve helped me weave wings so strong and made great heights achievable. Your encouraging words echo in my head. They push me to fly much higher than I would have alone. I still hear them.

Thank you mom and dad: a family playing in a circle.

I am grateful that you gave me life — but also that you didn’t just stop there. By not doing everything for me, you taught me to do it for myself. Sometimes you were rewarded with temper tantrums and frustration; doing it yourself would’ve been much easier. However, I would not be the person I am now.

I haven’t forgotten that you put me first. You spent nights with me when I was sick and then went to work the next day.  I wasn’t aware of it then. But now I am.

A family is built day by day

Thank you mom and dad for making us a real family. A family that’s united and strong in the face of adversity. Thank you mom and dad for giving us tools and letting us build everything we have today. Now we feel like a team, like a family.

I am thankful that, although our lives keep getting busier, we continue looking for what makes us happy and we continue sharing our lives. Thank you for keeping that a priority over the other things in your life.

Thank you for giving me so much love, enough for us to love each other and still want to continue loving. For giving bear hugs, but not too tight so we couldn’t breathe. Thank you mom and dad because we’re a true family. We argue, but we fix it. We don’t get caught up in the little differences; we just get stronger.

Thank you mom and dad for creating such a strong, secure bond

Thank you for teaching me so much, for caring for me without drowning, for asking without questioning, for making me know that wherever I go, I can always come back and have someone waiting for me with joy, someone who loves me and will have room for me. Thank you for everything: for teaching me that love and family are the foundation of everything, for showing me where my refuge will always be and holding a place for me.

A mother hugging her daughter.

Thank you for being there. For expressing that you love me and making me feel cared for and safe. For making me see that you will always be there, no matter what happens, no matter what I do. For giving me unconditional love that I can feel today, but also see. This is why I am writing to you.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do every day. Thank you for walking beside me and giving me so much. For loving me and teaching me, for helping me be who I am now. Thank you mom and dad for forming the family we are today. Thank you for being my physical manifestation of  love. Thank you mom and dad for walking the journey of life with me.


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