The Ten Commandments of Vitality

The Ten Commandments of Vitality

Last update: 29 March, 2022

Sadness and depression are complex illnesses that are full of nuances, with almost as many manifestations as people who suffer from them. We have sunk down into the worst mental epidemic in history, and emotional collapse is the worst demon of the 21st century.

Our tears are causing our vitality and our energy to live to rust. Those who have been caught up in the claws of endless depression and sadness feel like their lives are ending, like their enthusiasm is disappearing, and like they are being trapped in darkness. This is why we cannot say that the opposite of depression is happiness, but rather vitality.

Victims of depression are as much those who suffer it as well as their relatives and the people around them. It is even likely that depression wears away at the energy and vitality of the people around the one suffering. Knowing this, we must take advantage of this knowledge each time that it turns up and help depressed people and their indirect victims so that they will not feel so alone.

None of us is immune. Depression can strike anyone at any time. But there are small steps you can take to focus on the positive, to appreciate the spice of life. Consider these the “10 Commandments” for maintaining your vitality.

  1. Banish the thought “I can’t.” You can if you put your mind to it and if the objective is important enough that you will fight for it. So send the bitterness and the thoughts of not trying again far away from you.
  2. Get rid of the negative filter and recognize that not everything is black and white, not even a gray scale. The world is made up of many different colors and in order to appreciate them, we have to put on the proper glasses.
  3. Get active! Really, spend a while away from your cell phone, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, and go out to the streets and breathe some fresh air. Do not let them take up any more of your time than necessary!
  4. Love yourself above all other things; it is the only way to get love from the rest of the world. Do not do it in an exaggerated way; loving oneself is something that generates and regenerates self-confidence.
  5. Do not let your job and obligations absorb you, and take time for the other things that life demands.
  6. Stop looking for solutions to everything on the Internet. Google does not have the answer to your problems. These answers are inside you, in your attitude and in changing what happens around you.
  7. Stop comparing absolutely everything and trust your intuition. If it has become stunted, do not worry. It will awaken from its sleep; sometimes we have to take chances in order to further develop.
  8. Let go of losses and change your mindset to thinking about a promising future.
  9. Desolation and happiness are attitudes towards ourselves, others, and the future. I know which of the two you prefer, so reject the feelings that generate the former in you.
  10. Stay close to yourself; set moments aside to love yourself, to know yourself, and to question yourself if necessary, but do not let life become a train that never stops to rest.

Do not let misfortune and sadness grow in you. Do not become bitter by maintaining the wrong attitude towards your life. Take control of your daily life and make a motto for your life. Make the present into something better for yourself.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.