Teaching Can Have an Eternal Impact

Teaching is, on many occasions, a disparaged and unappreciated profession. Despite this, it has inestimable value for society. For example, we all have a teacher we remember with a special fondness because of what they taught us as well as what we learned.
Teaching Can Have an Eternal Impact

Last update: 29 June, 2021

Teaching is a job that entails a great deal of responsibility. That’s because this task is incredibly valuable to society. Thus, teachers have to have good initial training. They also have to keep themselves up to date on new developments. It’s not enough to just convey information. They have to do this while caring for their students, promoting values, and being experts in many areas. In addition, they have to be good with new technology, resource management, assessment, and emotional intelligence, among many other things.

A good educator cares about each and every one of their students. They work toward giving an inclusive education, have empathy, and focus on learning more than just teaching. We’re talking about a cohesive education where the instructor teaches the students to develop in a way that prepares them for their futures.

A woman teaching a female student.

The role of the educator and the importance of collaboration

Due to the new educational challenges society faces today, the role of the educator has changed. It’s no longer a matter of just transmitting knowledge. Instead, teachers have become guides in the learning-teaching process.

In this regard, coordination among teachers plays a very important role. It provides learning opportunities among professionals. It allows them to share their conflicts and solutions. They can also help reduce excessive stress levels or tendencies to overwork.

While working on a team, teachers can learn from the experiences of others. They’re also exposed to different points of view. Instructors can exchange different ways of doing things from their experiences. While cooperating and helping others, their motivation and desire to complete activities and projects with other educators increases.

All of this improves the management of knowledge. It also allows teachers to improve the quality of the attention they give their students. In addition, they come to know how to connect other subjects to their own.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


Teaching is more than just lecturing

Every teacher works with knowledge and individuals. And they’re not just experts in their subject matter. A teacher isn’t just a person who knows how to listen and care about their students. Teachers have to enjoy their work with their students. They must be people with their own goals to achieve through their work.

As Aristotle says, just transmitting knowledge isn’t enough. You can both care about and teach your students at the same time without sacrificing one thing for the other.

In order to teach a subject, it’s not enough to just know about it. You also have to find meaning in the content you’re teaching. At the same time, there are other important considerations. Some examples are defining functions, delimiting responsibilities, discussing, and negotiating with work and assessment systems. It’s important for teachers to instill values such as critical thinking in their students. They should also encourage cooperation. After all, it’s not just important to learn how much two plus two is or the names of the biggest rivers in the country.

“Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”

-Andy Rooney-

Teaching with passion

A teacher who works with passion generates a connection with their students. That connection can go far beyond the classroom. It’s a mutual connection that involves aid and admiration. This work is able to make the student learn as well as develop themselves. This is superior to just teaching so that a student finishes the course with a certain grade.

The work of teaching involves leaving a mark on someone else’s life. That mark can last forever. A teacher’s efforts can transform other people if they really believe in what they’re doing. Teachers have the power to transform society.

Educators who use new methodologies characterized by active learning can be very effective. They can encourage collaborative learning, creative work, and discovery through these methods. With this, they attempt to achieve an effective development of the competencies the students need. Students with such education will be better equipped to face challenges.

These are people who feel passion for teaching. They’re motivated and keep themselves updated to do the best job they can. Teachers are thankful that they can teach and love working with people.

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