Some People Have a Hole Where Their Heart Should Be

Some People Have a Hole Where Their Heart Should Be

Last update: 28 July, 2022

You should wish good luck to those who act meanly, because they’ll need it sooner or later. Bad acts don’t go unpunished, although we often think that the punishment given doesn’t match up to the acts committed by people who behave selfishly and nastily.

In any case, it’s not advisable to fall into self-deception, so we should keep in mind that this retribution is often not visible. The darkness created by a person’s selfish and nasty acts reaches its maximum glory in their inner world.

A person who only thinks about themselves and who acts according to their own interests without thinking about those around them ends up paying a high price. It is highly likely that their life is tainted with loneliness and rejection, reducing their potential to achieve well-being in life.

Some people receive direct gratification from their nasty acts. These people only generate hatred and fear around them and, as we know, living alone with just oneself ends up being very painful.

As with all things, there are levels of selfishness, nastiness and spitefulness. However, whether this negative inner life is made explicit or not, it always results in a great lack of inner peacewhich invokes compassion and sadness in those of good heart.

The hypothesis of a fair world, a common self-deception

When we don’t like something, when we find something unpleasant or unfair, we always turn to the idea of fate as the one that serves justice. However, this is just another way of closing our eyes to avoid contemplating something that we would like to be a certain way, but which in reality we cannot control.

Believing that each person will get what they deserve makes us feel like all is well and that our happiness is not at risk, because bad things only happen to those who deserve them because they’ve behaved nastily or they’ve been insensitive.

There are mean people who we hope that time will give what they deserve, so we fantasize about the idea of fair world where every good thing that happens to them will only be a mirage.

We like and we need to believe in this to live in tranquility. Our mind makes us feel the need to control everything, but in truth we can only control a certain part of our experiences.

Selfishness, the source of bad relationships

Some people have a hole where their heart should be. People who only believe in themselves and only act according to their own interests, ignoring the feelings of others.

This creates a tremendous state of malaise, so we can affirm that selfishness is the source of bad relationships based on injustice and the deepest pain.

We can’t control how others behave, but we can make sure that it affects us as little as possible. Anticipating negative situations and staying aware helps the garbage to take itself out.

Living distanced from the reality that there are people who aren’t trying to sow good feelings only affects ourselves. Creating emotional distance and carefully observing the acts of others will help us to anticipate rather than validate that which the nasty arts of certain people tries to achieve.

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