This Short Will Show You the Richness of Uniting Our Differences

This Short Will Show You the Richness of Uniting Our Differences

Last update: 15 November, 2022

I bring you light in your days of darkness. You bring calm to my stormy days. I give you smiles in your moments of sadness. We are like day and night. However, we always meet up at sunset to fuse our differences together into the horizon.

Today we have another delicious short film by the Pixar studio. An animated production that you should watch in the company of the young ones in your family, so that you may draw across their faces a lovely smile of surprise, complacency and wisdom.

Being like day and night doesn’t imply that our differences will drag us to opposing poles. If we are able to open our minds and understand our heart, we will be able to meet up during a warm afternoon and learn from each other.

In a world where rules, fashion, and traditions command us most of the time to always act a certain way, there is nothing more authentic than knowing how to be different, than knowing how to stand out for our qualities and thoughts, to be able to enrich ourselves and others.

Nevertheless, it is clear that it is never easy to accept things that are different from us. And this is exactly what today’s short film from Pixar is about. Because “Day and Night” is a simple reflection about those “everyday opposites” that we should pay attention to every once in a while.

When night and day fuse their differences into the sunset

cartoons from Pixar short film

Day stretches calmly in the face of morning’s arrival. Everything is calm and the same everyday process begins, those activities that give life and weave the universe together with light, activity and life. Now, at a given moment, Day stumbles with a strange and dark being dozing in a corner…

Accepting that our differences enrich us is a pending challenge of humanity itself. And although it is something that on occasion can be accomplished on a small scale, it is something that society has to overcome.

Our brain is used to generating certain cognitive schemes about people and social groups. And to this, we add the negative beliefs that experience has at times provided us.

If someone of a certain nationality treats me badly, I could think that all of the people from that country will behave the same way. And if I was raised as a child to consider anyone who didn’t share in my social or religious beliefs as a “threat”, then surely when I get older I will have a very limited vision about the world, and the richness of its values in diversity.

day and night pixar short film

We must meet up at sunset. It vital that we be able to understand that our differences are pieces that build knowledge. They enrich us as people and make us discover that we are not as different from each other as we thought.

 You have to dream during the day. You have to dream at night. You have to live every day of your life enjoying our similarities and discovering how our differences at times are nothing more than an insignificant line in the sun at sunset.

Life is just an eternal cycle where we all move forward a little bit every second that goes by. And everything will be easier if we carry things with respect and, above all, caring about the people around us. It’s possible that within them, they are hiding a fantastic world left to discover.

They may even be able to give you light in your days of darkness. And even make you love the differences that separate us. Don’t hesitate, and enjoy that this small audiovisual delight…


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