This Short Film Will Teach You Why Every Child Deserves The Best

This Short Film Will Teach You Why Every Child Deserves The Best

Last update: 19 October, 2022

Every child deserves the best, every person who comes into this world has a beauty and authenticity that makes them exceptional. If we make an effort to set aside our fears, judgments, and limitations, we will make this world a wonderful stage for all of these little ones.

“Partly Cloudy” is a great short film from Pixar studios that makes us think and invites us to watch it over and over. It is not only the aesthetic beauty of the images that dazzles us; through it, a series of values and principles opens up which we cannot remain indifferent to.

In a world where the clouds are the creators of life, that richness of life is shown where some create adorable babies and others create slightly more menacing creatures. However, they all have the beauty of life, and all of them deserve the best.

We know it is not always easy to educate a child. Sometimes, and without us knowing exactly why, they come with their particular “thorns,” with their “electric charges,” but we are not going to give up because of this. Just like the stork in this short film teaches us, we just have to put on a helmet… And take on the adventure of life.

Every child in this world deserves the best, no exceptions

Clouds and Storks

The storks never stop their back-and-forth journeys. The circle of life never ends and the cloud creators give shape and breath to every creature, to every living being. Some children are calm and sweet, while others astound us with their singular faces, with their difficult and menacing characters.

Every child comes into this life anxious to understand, experience, and give their own spice to this world; let us give them a hand and guide them down the path of happiness, whatever their character, appearance, race, or origins may be.

In the short film “Partly Cloudy,” you are going to see a series of clear, white clouds that offer their storks absolutely beautiful children, adorable kittens, and creatures that give off calmness. That being said, there is one cloud among them, a “partly cloudy” one who, in the midst of lightning and thunder, breathes life into tigers, crocodiles, or porcupines. Our stork cannot figure out why he was given this difficult task, why his children are so mischievous and menacing.

The challenge of educating: when a child comes into this world

None of us can choose how we would like our children to be, just as no teacher or professor gets to choose how they want the students they educate and instruct to be.

Every child demonstrates peculiarities, needs, and something we must understand is that we cannot and must not “mold” the character of our children, hoping that they will be reflections of us. Our job as parents or teachers is to give them the best so that they can be happy.

Something that many parents complain about is the difference in personality between siblings . Some demonstrate nothing but calm, and others bring storms. How can we deal with those situations and that educational challenge?

  • Avoid comparing, avoid always praising one child over the other.
  • Take it as a given that siblings have no reason to share characters; respect their differences and always treat them the same.
  • Focus each day, listen every day, and set norms and limits for all of them the same.
Cloud Makes Baby Ram

The child who brings more storms than clear days

A difficult child is always a child who is going to demand more attention, and that implies effort on our part. Do not try to find a reason, do not hope to find a genetic or moral explanation for why that child is more complicated.

Accept him or her for who they are and remember that every child deserves the best that we can give them, that all children need the best version of us to serve as a model, as support and guidance.

It is possible for a dark, playful cloud like the one in the short film may have formed their defiant or confrontational character, but you, too, will have to put on that “helmet,” just like our stork does to face those daily monsters.

Educate their emotions , attend to their anger, and control those instances of rage. It is possible that through these behaviors, there are feelings that they do not know how to manage, show, or control.

Teach by example, with positive reinforcement rather than a punishment or grounding. Every difficult child will tend to react negatively to a shout or a reproach against everything they do. Do not do this. Encourage them to reflect on their behavior, invite them to think, feel, and empathize.

Every child who comes into this world is the reason why we keep moving forward, and far from being an option, it is a decision, the decision to give them the best, no matter what they are like, and to help them each and every day to build up their happiness. The happiness of the world.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.