The Seven Keys to Maintaining Your Energy

Maintaining your energy is key to staying in good health and having a positive attitude.
The Seven Keys to Maintaining Your Energy
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Written and verified by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Energy is that vital strength that depends both on our physical and emotional state. It’s not easy to maintain energy in today’s world. There are thousands of factors that take it away from us, such as stress and our day to day problems. 

Many times, our daily routine wears us out. Why does this happen? Perhaps there are factors that keep us from maintaining our energy levels. Also, many of us end up wasting our energy on unimportant things.

The good news is that there are keys to maintaining your energy that may help you out. Discover them below!

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

1. Avoid getting in debt

Not paying debts when they’re due is something that can torment anyone. It’s not just the pressure of having a pending payment, but it’s also the psychological perception of not doing something you should.

In order to maintain your energy levels, the best thing you can do is avoid getting in debt. If this is impossible for you, then paying them must become your utmost priority. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay your debts with money, you’ll be paying them with your psychological health.

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2. Keep your promises

The promises you make have a similar effect to getting in debt. Before you promise to do something, you must consider if you’ll be able to keep that promise or not. Not doing what you promise can lead to psychological burden

In addition, unfulfilled promises may lead to relationship problems. They’re unnecessary conflicts that prevent you from maintaining your energy levels. Thus, you should either keep your promises or admit that it’s impossible for you to keep them and negotiate a way to make it up to the person you may be hurting.

3. Get some rest: A key to maintaining your energy

Unfortunately, in the society we live in, we must remind each other the importance of getting some rest. Although it seems obvious, it’s alarming just how many people forget it. They simply feel condemned to work, work, and work even more, without ever getting a break.

Resting is the most effective way to maintain your energy levels. You must take advantage of your rest periods as much as you can. That’s the foundation of physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. If we don’t take proper breaks, we simply won’t function properly. 

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4. Organize your life

We don’t always take the time to rethink our activities and evaluate whether we’re doing them in the most practical way or not. Many times, we just go with the flow.

We can always organize our life better. It’s all about taking some time to sort out our ideas and to find more effective methods. It’s good to do this every now and then to get the most out of our life.

5. Take care of your health

In order to maintain energy levels, it’s absolutely necessary to take care of our health. This involves adopting healthy habits and facing health issues in the most attentive and calm way. 

Healthy habits have a lot to do with nutrition, exercise, and rest. These three things are essential to a healthy lifestyle. It’s also important to go to the doctor, especially if you have a new symptom or discomfort. When you’re sick, try to stay calm and do what your doctor tells you to do.

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6. Don’t avoid difficult situations

Trying to run away from hard situations when there’s no other option but to face them just makes them even more difficult to deal with. You may close your eyes when a problem arises, but it’ll come back to haunt you later on, either as anxiety or as consequences that stem from not dealing with it.

Once we’re aware that there’s a serious problem in our life, we start to worry. That worry doesn’t just go away. It stays there and drains our energy. Thus, the faster we face a problem, the better.

7. Accepting and forgiving

Avoiding reality is a really negative thing. Reality almost never adjusts to what we want, and that’s why it’s absurd to ignore it or deny it. If you’re interested in changing your reality, the first step is to accept it the way it is.

Forgiving is part of that acceptance. Forgiving ourselves is admitting that we’re human and that we make mistakes. On the other hand, forgiving others is accepting that they make mistakes, too. Holding grudges or punishing ourselves is draining.

According to Zen Buddhism, energy is an absolute good that must be protected. All these keys to maintaining energy can be incredibly beneficial to you, so star putting them into practice!

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