Project From the Present Into The Future To Make Your Dreams Come True

Projecting into the future (in its proper measure) is essential to reach our best potential. To do this, letting go of the negative aspects of the past is important. We explain it to you.
Project From the Present Into The Future To Make Your Dreams Come True
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 29 April, 2022

To project from the present into the future isn’t an easy thing to do. However, it’s essential if you want to move forward and not get stuck at a certain stage of your life, past or present. In fact, to make your wishes come true, you have to take a step forward.

You must believe in your wishes, and direct all your energy in their projection. Therefore, you must resolve any issues of the past. In this way, you won’t carry any unnecessary burdens that’ll prevent you from moving from the present to the future.

The weight of the past

To go forward, you have to take a look at the baggage you’re carrying. Those loads that you’ve accumulated throughout your life. Those from which you need to free yourself. For this reason, if you still have old conflicts that need managing or emotions that need resolving, you must look back to the past. Only when you’ve done this, will you be able to move forward without any burdens weighing you down, and accompanied by what you’ve learned.

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The need to look back

Contrary to what’s often said, it’s necessary, at times, to look back into the past. However, you mustn’t do it with the aim of becoming stuck there which would cause you suffering. You do it to deal with any unresolved emotions. This gives way to new experiences and to a new stage in your life. Because you’ve unlocked that part that was obstructing you.

“Only by closing the doors, you can open a window to the future.”

-Françoise Sagan-

In the past, there are traces of the path you took. Those previous steps will redirect your life toward the most appropriate future path when you define them correctly. You’ll become aware of them and discover who you are, thanks to your experiences and what you’ve learned along the way.

The reunion with yourself

To project into the future, it’s essential to be calm and connect with yourself. To do this, you, need to reconnect with who you really are. You need to discover your deepest dreams and desires and what’ll make you happy. To reconnect with yourself, you have to free yourself from everything that’s limited you in your life, whether they be suffering, burdens, or self-imposed limits.

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Meeting yourself again means reaching the depths of your soul, and knowing what it is that you yearn for. To get there, you’ll have to dive into the emotions that are blocking you or making you suffer, and get rid of them. Then, you’ll be able to move on.

Start from the present and project into the future

Once you’ve freed yourself from those accumulated burdens of the past, the suffering, and the obstacles that trapped you, you can focus on the present. From here, you can build a new path to the future. In fact, the future always begins in the present, with learning from the past. Living in the present is the starting point for making your wishes come true in the future.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt-

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Every moment that you allow yourself enjoyment is one more step in the right direction. This will undoubtedly bring you closer to your dreams. Indeed, being happy now indicates that you’re on the right path. It makes it easy for you to project your life towards fulfillment.

Project towards your future by overcoming your past

Projecting means visualizing yourself, setting a goal, and consciously and unconsciously looking for the way to reach it. When you see yourself where you want to go, it means that you’re more or less already there. Therefore, you’ll identify every event in the present as one more step towards your heart’s desire.

If your mind sees itself where it wants to go, you’ll find it easy to get there in reality. That’s because, day and night, night and day, your mind will search for a way to achieve it. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that it’ll be successful, no matter how long it might take.

Building the future means projecting into it from the present.

You can dive into your subconscious mind, through techniques that allow you to immerse yourself and deepen your emotions. Or, you can use your intuition, discovering your inner guidance in order to make the right decisions.

Each step you take will bring you closer to your destiny and your happiness. You can achieve your deepest dreams and desires, so long as you project from the present moment, solve the interferences of the past, and put all your energy into your journey. You mustn’t stop until you achieve your goal.

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