Positive Language Will Make You Happier

Positive Language Will Make You Happier

Last update: 28 July, 2022

If you were told to choose between a quote by Jorge Luis Borges, who says, “beauty is that wonderful mystery that neither psychology nor rhetoric can decipher,” and one by Jean Cocteau, who states, “mirrors should think twice before reflecting some images,” which would you choose? Probably Borges, right? Well, that predilection for positive language actually has a significant psychological foundation.

Below, we will get to know a study done by Luis Castellanos, who claims that positive language is a highly efficient tool for being happier and more productive. However, whatever experts may say, speaking about beauty and kindness should always be more enriching than dealing with other subjects like immorality or corruption… or maybe not?

The advantages of positive language

As we have mentioned above, we will be focusing on the study conducted by cognitive neuroscience expert Luis Castellanos in conjunction with his research team in order to shed light on the advantage of using positive language in order to be happier and more fulfilled.

The work is based on the interpretation of data obtained from the reactions of a group of individuals to positive words compared to reactions to more neutral or negative words. To confirm the validity of the study, encephalograms were taken during the process.

Positive Spelled with Dice

The result was more than satisfactory. According to Castellanos, the brain’s reaction is heightened when it hears positive words. As such, that this kind of language allows a person to be more attentive, to be more creative, and to have greater perseverance in relation to all kinds of tasks, both routine and extraordinary.

So then, if you are a person who plays sports, avoids excessive stress, eats healthy, and tries to rest enough to keep an optimistic attitude, you can add this new technique to your repertoire. Positive language will make you happier.

Thought and positive language

Castellanos is convinced that positive language is even capable of changing an individual’s line of thought. To prove this, he has worked with different personalities, like elite athletes in the scope of Sergio Rodríguez or Nani Roma or even famous chefs like Mario Sandoval.

In every case that Castellanos has worked on, adding positive language to their personal and professional life was very productive, causing significant changes in the thoughts of those people who chose to follow his method.

Woman Basking in Sun

Furthermore, given the success of his techniques, Castellanos decided to publish his work in the book The Science of Positive Language, where he gathered all of his studies and success cases and offers advice and exercises to practice this mentality and its benefits.

“We can sum this all up by saying that if you take care of your language, it will take care of you”

-Luis Castellanos-

How to apply positive language

If you wish to apply positive language in your life, Castellanos proposes different exercises. One of these is to recognize negativity. For this, it is necessary to be conscious and aware of every word that comes out of our mouths.

By writing down or recording conversations, we can become aware of the quantity of “no”s that we utter, as well as the number of fillers, negative or positive adjectives, etc. We can make our own personal evaluation of our language and even an external one coming from a friend or a specialist.

Another good exercise that he proposes is to be careful with your language. Once we have analyzed our way of speaking, it is a good idea to keep adding progressive changes that reduce negativity and increase positivity in each sentence that we construct.

Power of Words

We need negative language but we should veer towards positivity in order to find a greater vitality within ourselves. Let us take advantage of this marvelous tool that works in our favor.

“We want the story of our lives to be a good story”

-Daniel Kanheman-

If you want your life story to be better, remember that positive language can be a tool with an enormous potential for you and for those around you. You can improve your attitude, your joy, and your optimal development. Science has proven it, so now all that is left is for you to put it into practice. Best of luck.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.