Passion Gives Your Dreams Wings

Passion Gives Your Dreams Wings
Adriana Reyes Zendrera

Written and verified by the psychologist Adriana Reyes Zendrera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Monotony and routine can take the spice out of life and take over, leaving us without that spark that gives us joy with each passing day. On the other hand, when we do things with passion, our life lights up with excitement and meaning. Did you know that time passes much faster if you put passion in what you do?

Passion is a feeling that you can recognize for being very intense and deep. It invades your whole body, paralyzing your thoughts. It makes whatever activity we’re doing fulfilling and maybe even feel effortless. It’s like being invaded, at first by surprise, then by happiness and indescribable satisfaction.

“Whatever it may be, we need a kind of star to link to, because the source of passion is motivation and curiosity.”

-Robin Sharma-

For example, picture a kid so into playing football that he forgets everything else. Or picture a woman stepping onto the dance floor… you see the change in her face immediately…

Get motivated to connect with your passion

Motivation is a psychological component that guides, maintains, and carries out our behaviors. If we want passion, first we’ll have to see what motivates us and drives us. Motivation is going to be a key factor in connecting with our passion. 

A woman connecting with passion, arms up in victory.

Passion is a special ingredient that wakes up our perseverance and motivation. It’s like fuel for our goals and dreams. It encourages us to not throw in the towel at the first difficulty that comes up. Without passion and desire, we won’t have energy; we won’t be able to make ourselves do anything. 

“I try not to make any decisions that I’m not excited about.”

-Jake Nickell-

Traditionally, we talk about two types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is when we do something not for our own direct satisfaction, but for a result that benefits us. In this case, there is rarely real passion. For example, think about your job and how you do things you don’t like in order to get a paycheck.

Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is when we do something simply because it’s satisfying to do. We don’t expect anything in exchange except for that satisfaction. In addition, having a choice usually opens the door to intrinsic motivation. In other words, this freedom acts feeds our enthusiasm. That’s when momentum starts and and we feel a certain ownership of our search for happiness.

Passion comes from connecting with your inner child

Connecting with our passions is not always easy. We become adults and gather beliefs that limit us and disconnect us from the most natural and spontaneous part of ourselves. Sometimes we forget our dreams and longings and settle into a rigid life. We allow ourselves to be swept away by everyday obligations. 

Something that can help us get our enthusiasm back is to let our inner child out. All of us have one. Do you remember what it was like to be a child? What things did you enjoy or think were exciting? For example, maybe you liked playing on the beach and building sandcastles or doing puzzles and inventing stories.

“We have to listen to the child we once were, the child who still exists inside us. That child understands magic moments.”

-Paulo Coelho-

A child pretending to fly.

Add curiosity and dedication to what you do. Pretend it were the first time doing this thing you enjoy. Only then can you fight the apathy that results in a schedule full of to-do’s. The inner child in you will be happy to explore new hobbies and projects that you have in mind. If you allow it, it will take you on journeys to new worlds.

Get in the habit of feeding your passion everyday

Passion can be nurtured and learned if we manage to tear our attention away from our duties. So, if you haven’t yet found something you’re passionate about, just follow your curiosity until you find things that make you feel like how we described passion above.

In this re-discovery, you’ll have to dive into your inner self and explore your deepest needs. Passion gives wings to your desires and longings. No matter how it takes, you still have time to find it. Start prioritizing your dreams. After all, they are the rudder of your life; they guide you where you want to go and give meaning to your days.


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