What Is Offered Wholeheartedly Is Multiplied

What Is Offered Wholeheartedly Is Multiplied

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Have you ever been overwhelmed by that sensation caused by someone helping you, lovingly and wholeheartedly, without expecting anything in return? That feeling is surely one of the most gratifying ones that we can ever feel, because thanks to it, we feel united to others.

In the same way, the sensation that washes over us after helping those who are in need without expecting anything in return is sometimes even better. Put your heart into whatever you give to others; the reward will be much greater than what you will get by being selfish.

Put your heart into whatever you do

Giving wholeheartedly is a positive thing, not just for the person receiving, but also for the person giving. Giving something without expecting it to be returned in equal measure has positive consequences. One of the primary consequences is that we feel satisfied with ourselves, which brings an increase in our self-esteem. An increase in our self-love, which gives us security as individuals.

“Gratitude, like certain flowers, does not flourish in high altitudes but does so in the good soil of the humble.”

-José Martí-

Praying Hands Butterflies

When you do something for someone who is important to you, don’t do it thinking about the benefits that this will provide you in the future, because this implies that you are not putting your heart into it, but rather being selfish. And in fact, the reward is often simply that feeling of bringing something to another person’s life.

In most cases, these people will know how to appreciate what you have done for them and they will return the favor in some way. We must act with humility and only by helping others will we become aware of the true value of life.

Be thankful for what others do for you

The benefits of putting our hearts into what we give and what we do is also reflected in our ability to value the efforts that others make for us. We know this from the classic saying, “gratitude is the sign of a noble soul,” and effectively, we do not know how much the other person is sacrificing to make our lives easier.

If we all stopped to think about what other people do to make our daily lives easier, it would be harder and harder for us not to appreciate the value of those small gestures and the seemingly insignificant actions. These are the things that partly remind us that we need others just as much as they need us.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-

Stop thinking that the reward must be something material, because being the reason for someone’s happiness, even if this is just for a moment, is a precious feeling. And few things can be more fulfilling than that, at least in a rewarding and lasting way. Think about it: isn’t it true that when we fight to achieve something, we feel prouder of what we did along the way than the destination that we have arrived at?

The reward is greater if you are not expecting it

Noticing both things makes us really open up more to other people, and it has already been said by the French writer Flaubert that “a heart is a form of wealth that is neither bought nor sold, but that is given.” In this sense, a reward like having someone bear their heart to us or for us to be able to bear ours without fear is something much stronger and more lasting than a material reward.

Planting Hearts

This is why it is good to feel inspired by those who matter to us, because their interest will be nothing but your well being. The goal, therefore, is to give the best of ourselves and simply that: we will then be valued for who we are and not for what we offer or have. This is how you will earn the love and affection of others, also with strong and true love and affection.

“Find full reward of doing right in right”


Don’t have doubts about it: put your heart into what you do. You will feel more satisfied and your reward will come back to you multiplied.

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