The Noise that Children Leave Behind When They Leave

The Noise that Children Leave Behind When They Leave

Last update: 05 May, 2017

The romantic poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer once said that “solitude is very beautiful…when you have someone to say it to.” Yet, at times our mood is marked by the noise of change and transformation. Something that happens in every aspect, including your family life.

One of the most common transformations within the natural evolution of the family dynamic is when children leave the home. Many parents feel a sense of loss over this separation from their children, mixed with the joy of being able to bear witness to an important step for everyone involved. They look on with the hope of having time to do the things they had to give up. The activities that got pushed aside with the birth of the children who are now departing.

On the other hand, that joy is often opposed to the feeling of sadness that emerges from the sensation that they are leaving and will probably never return. It is this last sensation which, with a certain intensity and held over time, gives way to empty nest syndrome.

“Solitude is at times the best company, and a short absence brings with it a sweet return.”
-John Milton-

When a child, especially the youngest one, leaves home, the parents suffer from a deep void.

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