No Knot Can Be Tied Forever

No Knot Can Be Tied Forever

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The mental and physical degradation we experience when we’re facing a problem or group of problems can paralyze us. It can make us feel we will never get out. However, every problem is resolved sooner or later: the knot finally ends up coming undone.

It is true that the greater majority of issues that worry us and cause us anxiety and discomfort end up finding a solution: remember that if problems are multiplying, the solutions can, too.

A knot that is tied around our throat

We feel oppression in our chest such that it seems as if someone were pushing down on us continuously and our stomach sinks. Along with this, the muscles in our esophagus contract, our throat gets blocked, and our mouth gets dry. In these cases, our problems are bringing about episodes of anxiety characterized by paralyzing symptoms.

“The traveler who crosses a mountain in the direction of a star runs the risk of forgetting which is his guiding star if he concentrates too exclusively on the climbing problems.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery-

Woman Stressing Out

In situations of high emotional stress, the body reacts by putting itself in a state of alert. It’s a sensation of anxious discomfort that needs to be resolved. We find ourselves inside the fog that we were talking about before and we do not see a way to get out.

The truth is that we do not all handle the difficulties put before us in the same way, but we do all have stones in our path and worries that we would like to avoid. There are people who manage to overcome obstacles efficiently and others who think the knot of problems seems bigger than them. If you belong to the latter group, I invite you to keep reading.

There is a process to undoing the knot

Each knot has a different size and what from the outside may seem easy, from the inside can be an abyss. We do not all wear the same shoes nor do they fit us all the same when we start walking in them. In any case, having a problem is always going to imply a process to overcome it.

Facing the knot that is stopping us from moving forward requires four important steps: defining exactly what is happening to us, fully understanding that we will need courage to find a solution, evaluating what options we have, and making an effort to apply our decision so that we can learn from it.

 “Fight, always fight, this is the way to solve the problem.

Fight it!”

-Joseph Conrad-


Every disturbance demands calm and serenity and if we do not find them, we have to try to look for them. Only in this way will we clearly see what options we have and which is the one that can benefit us to get out of the situation we are in. The largest part of the process is therefore the step of analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of every possible solution.

When we have undone the knot

Any knot can be undone and it will happen at the moment when we manage to relax our body. Overcoming the problem implies understanding whom it affects and how, as we have seen, to then to apply the solution and learn from what we have experienced.

Every bad time has its lesson and all pain is necessary to find an emotional balance. Even if our problems make us think that being in a bad emotional state brings us nothing, quite to the contrary, it will help us to be aware that we are stronger than we think.

Furthermore, the most important thing about this issue is not only the lesson, but looking at the knot from a distance and realizing that we were able to undo it. When problems go by and we have found solutions for them, they look easier, different, further away.

“‘The greater part of my problems seemed complicated then,’  the Uncle went on confessing.
‘But the solutions, once found, turned out to be rather simple.’”

-Spencer Johnson-

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