The Meaning of Giving Love

The Meaning of Giving Love

Last update: 17 November, 2016

I’m by your side. I’m your friend, your partner, your family, the one that loves you, or I’m someone you don’t know but who’s willing to help you. Sometimes, we may drift apart or maybe we don’t know each other, but the truth is that there’s a bond that binds us. If you fall, I’ll pick you up and help you walk again; and if you can’t walk, I’ll lie down beside you.

I understand you. I melt into your skin, your thoughts. I know who you are and I don’t reveal your secrets. You know me and protect me. We feel a connection between our souls. We share a life and smile by simply looking at each other. We fall and get back up together.

The meaning of giving love

If I see you crying and tell you I’m sorry and walk away, I’m not giving you love. If I pay for my children’s studies but I ignore them, I’m not giving them love. If I see that my partner is having some problems and buy them a car, I’m not giving them love.

felt heart in hand

To give love means so much more. To help someone is to put yourself in their shoes, to feel their suffering, their grief, their sadness as your own, and to make the person see that you’re there for them. That you’re going to keep them from falling, and that if they fall you’re going to help pick them up. Helping someone else should be an altruistic gesture intended for another person, not ourselves.

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