Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Our actions, behaviors, and conduct have their consequences in the circle of life.

Each of us has what he deserves.” We must understand this based on those consequences from our actions.

And we can believe this well known and popular phrase when what we deserve is positive. But the question arises when what we “deserve” and what life gives us are adverse circumstances that bring with them suffering, changes, and unhappiness.

Is everything that happens to us obeying the consequences of our actions then?

I would dare to say that “each of us has what he needs.” Sometimes, we need to see the consequence of a “malicious act directly.

And on many other occasions, what happens to us has a learning purpose, “we need to learn,” and that may be the explanation for so many of the things that happen to us in life which we will not relate to a previous “insane, incorrect, improper, or malicious” action. Therefore, “each of us has what he needs to learn.”

And under this premise, the question that we must ask ourselves at all times when life surprises us with adverse circumstances is:

What can or must I learn?

In this way, we will see life as a school, full of lessons, and in each stage, a difficulty, an exam, a circumstance that puts us to the test.

And our challenge is overcoming the lesson in order to move forward, having learned and prepared for the next lessons that are sure to come.

So I will add that “we are prepared for what we must experience, we have the skills and strategies to overcome this and grow with it, we just have to learn.” This is called resilience .

And although this sounds hard and difficult, as much as we learn and overcome, so much will we enjoy and feel satisfied with ourselves and with our lives.

Life lessons are an understanding of life as a school where we can learn, overcome lessons, teach others, learn from what others teach us, increase our level of awareness, heal, and wake the deepest part of our being.

And all of this adapting to our moment in life, always with the goal of finding the meaning of our life, the harmony in our way of living, health , well Being, emotional balance, and happiness.

Dolores Rizo, Psychologist. Online therapy.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.