Letter From a Mature Woman

Letter From a Mature Woman

Last update: 05 October, 2016

Maturing implies accepting ourselves and above all else making peace with our “womanly being.” It may involve going through a difficult time where the darkness of our problems can stop us from seeing the way out. But maturing means using that challenge as a point of departure to turn the situation around. It’s the process of getting unstuck and overcoming the difficulty.

As a woman, you understand that socially we are constantly being told that maturity is something we should avoid. Idealizing youth, using cosmetics to avoid getting old, are the signs of a social structure that does not let us mature in a fulfilled way.

For a woman who is approaching maturity, it is necessary to find an emotional point from which to connect with your soul, your essence, and your memories. Today, we invite you to read a precious letter written by a woman immersed in that moment, with countless emotions to share and that we can always learn from.

“Man’s maturity is to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play.”

-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche-

Brave woman to defend what you believe

Beautiful woman on the outside, beautiful on the inside, with skin as great as yours. Brave enough to defend what you believe but open and respectful of other opinions. This is how I have felt during the deep, endless chats that we have undertaken. Defender of children…you listened to me with your heart. We have spoken with the soul.

Woman with Eyes Closed

Always ready to help. Demanding of yourself. Joyful, fun, precious smile, affectionate, you have won me over. Meticulous, attentive, never lacking anything. Loyal to yours until the end. Mother above all else, also a wife, sister, aunt, daughter. Loving the infinite, valuing the little things, seeing people’s hearts.

Take responsibility for what you can

Woman of character, emotional who loves and suffers at the same time. Do you remember? Take responsibility for what you can. There is nothing more you can give, and if you do not take care of yourself you will get sick, and you cannot help then. Each of us has to take on our person and keep moving forward.

Woman's Bare Feet Walking on Dirt Path

You are worthy because of who you are, not because of what you do

I enjoy it, I savor it, and I turn it into a smile when I think about you. You are as delicious and exquisite as your pies, in texture, smoothness, presentation, work, and flavor! Follow your path and do not lose spirit. You are not just worthy because of what you do, but because of who you are, because if you were not you, you wouldn’t do it as well.

Woman Red Flower

Filled with emotion, I will affectionately remember the story of the tree. A tree planted remembering life. The body goes away, but the soul is not forgotten. You can see it in a leaf, a fruit, a root, a seed, a star. As long as there is one that remembers it, that tree will not die. It will always be reinvented and it will just keep growing.

Well, what more can I tell you, dear. That I am extremely happy that our paths met. There are always good people along the path… you just have to be well enough to see them and you are one of them. Many, so many hugs, with all the positive energy that fuses with yours and never leaves your side. I give you all my life and understanding. Yours sincerely.


“In reality, self-realized people, those who have achieved a high level of maturity, health, and self-satisfaction, have so much to teach us that, sometimes, they almost seem like a different species of human beings.”

-Abraham Maslow-

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