Let Go of That Person Who Did Nothing to Stay

Let Go of That Person Who Did Nothing to Stay

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We have to let go of that person who never did anything to stay, of those people with temporary feelings who made us invest our time and hope. Letting go takes courage, but far from accepting it as an end, we should see it as the beginning of something new.

Who hasn’t been forced at some point to close a chapter in their life? Sometimes they call it “closed circles”.

To grow, we let go of certain things, while gaining others. Life is an unstoppable advance that overwhelms us and takes our breath away, and it is not worth staying stuck in something or with someone that pushes us down like a stone falling down a well. The person who does not recognize us, who hurts us and erodes our being, our essence as a person, is violating our growth.

Now, it may be difficult to realize it and we wish to not see it for a while, but unhappiness is something no one can hide. It hurts, fades and turns us off. So don’t let it. In life there always comes a time when it is best to release, to let go…

Letting go, closing a chapter in our life does not refer to only saying goodbye to the person who shares a life with us, it is an act of braveryIt may not be you who leaves, you may have actually been the one who was abandoned. In this case, the idea of ​​letting go, of taking that break and moving forward again, is vital.



Closing this cycle of our life in which there is still a wrenching pain of abandonment takes time. Grief must be lived, mourned, assumed, and later accepted in order to show forgiveness. Once the wound is closed and we are free of the weight of being able to forgive, we will feel lighter and ready to fully let go.

We must let go of the person who has abandoned us, because if we don’t, we will continue clinging to a host of negative emotions that will hurt us more and more each day. And this time we’ll be the ones responsible.

Abandonment is the breaking of a link, and so to recover we must “return” to ourselves. When the bond is broken we must find ourselves again, take care of ourselves, assist ourselves in reinforcing the relationship with our self-esteem in order to move forward. Strengthened.

Do not feed into nostalgia, do not latch your eye on yesterday because the past no longer exists, it left, it’s not there… And remember, above all, that the person who lives in nostalgia does nothing but feed the suffering, and “clings onto it,” idealizing the past and losing the present. Your chance to be happy is “here and now.”


The person who feeds anger, spite and resentment becomes prisoner of that which hurt them. The person that causes you anger and focuses on your dismay makes you a prisoner of your own eternal negative emotions.

Forgiveness is not easy. Sometimes we assume that forgiveness is a renunciation of ourselves, which is like giving in and seeing ourselves as victims. That is so far from the truth.

To forgive you must get back to having confidence in yourself. Nobody is as strong as the person who is able to forgive the person who hurt them because it shows in turn that they have overcome their fear, no longer afraid of the enemy and that they feel free.

The letting go of resentment and anger brings us back to our initial state, our hearts are healed again and it neglects those negative emotions. Only then does the act of “letting go” become easier to achieve and feel liberating.

Do not invest your time on someone who no longer deserves it, on someone who did nothing to stand by your side, or fight for you. Clear the path and offer them freedom, let them go. Because it’s not worth fighting against the current, because every door that closes, is an opportunity that opens.

Images Courtesy of Mila Marquis, Shawna Erback, Lucy Campbell

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