Do You Know the Most Common Defense Mechanisms?

Do You Know the Most Common Defense Mechanisms?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Each one of us, absolutely every one of us, has covered ourselves with little layers in order to protect our integrity, dignity, or our psychic health. These layers, which are called defense mechanisms in the field of psychology, are magical, because they seem to protect us from harm. But the truth is that usually the threat, and in some cases also the harm, are not so easily countered as it would seem in the beginning. Said in other words, these strategies tend to not be as effective as they promise to be.

Thus, sometimes we cover our ears very hard, because we don’t want to listen to the truth we assume will be painful. The problem is that this ends up turning into something real. We end up plugging “the ears of our souls”. We simply don’t listen to what we don’t want to listen to. It harms me so much that I prefer to live in ignorant bliss. A very dangerous ignorant bliss. 


The problem is that living in ignorance is also a punishment in itself. Because that which we deny, takes over us. It will repeat itself upon us over and over again until we accept it. And this… is what Carl Gustav Jung meant:

It seems that life never turns a blind eye or a deaf ear to our existence. It will present us over and over again with the situations we attempt to avoid in order to get us to confront and accept them.

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