I’ve Decided Not To Make A Bad Day Of A Bad Time

I’ve Decided Not To Make A Bad Day Of A Bad Time

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Today I have decided that a bad time, an argument, or some unfortunate critique is only going to be a passing cloud that will not ruin my days anymore, because a bad time is not synonymous with a bad life, and I deserve to be happy.

We are sure that you have also gone through one of those periods when one bad time seems to connect to another until, without knowing how, they’ve combined into a storm of negativity. Those are the stages when stress and anxiety stick to us like a second skin.

A bad time that is not handled the way it should be can turn into grieving, anger, or frustration. Negative emotions that are not confronted are like the dark smoke in a chimney that needs to come out; otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable.

Deep down, and if we think about it for a second, we will realize that there are very few days that come to an end without us having had at least one bad time, as insignificant as it may be.

An argument, a misunderstanding, a letdown, an unexpected encounter that we did not want, a mistake, a rude gesture, a put-down, a bit of bad news, something that breaks, something that goes missing, a memory that comes to our mind…

As we said, these are very common. So then, in this spectrum, there are without a doubt things that have barely any importance and things that are a bit more serious. And both of these have to be faced with proper serenity and Emotional Intelligence.

A bad time is not a bad life

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We all experience complex situations throughout our day. However, there are those who deal with that bad time in the morning a little worse than others, to the point that so much anger and indignation builds up by midday that they end up going to bed with a headache, thinking that they really have “a bad life.” Do you know someone like this?

Life is knowing how to accept that there will be good times and bad. If we are not prepared to take on that bad time each day, all the good ones will get away from us because we will remain stranded in those negative emotions. Learn to let go.

It is very likely that you also have around you that kind of person who, when faced with an argument, is incapable of ending it and moving on. The anger, the rage, the “I am right,” the “you ruined my day,” and the “I cannot stop thinking about that” just keep going through their heads.

Constant anger, not knowing how to handle a bad time to the point that you make an authentic snowball of each aspect of it, is a reflection of someone who continues to deny reality, or at least to confront it.

If something bothers them, if something unexpected happens, they always react outwardly with anger, raise their tone of voice, and their gestures. People who make a bad day of a bad time always live defensively, seeing the world as their enemy.

The world is not our enemy. There are people who get mad at what they do not understand and what they cannot control: an argument with your partner, for example, is something normal, but there are people who do not have the right strategies and see each word as an affront. They are incapable of empathizing, of understanding the other person’s view.

Life brings us bad times almost every day, and instead of reacting with thoughts like “everything bad always happens to me,” it is better to understand as early as possible how to resolve the conflict, accept it… and allow the day to become yours again.

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When you stop worrying, you start enjoying life

It is easy to say it, but… How do we do it? How can I stop worrying about things just like that? By managing to keep a proper balance in your life, and prioritizing what that is really important: your wellbeing.

Everything can change at any moment; it is essential for you to put on a good attitude, to fill your heart with hope, and not to let yourself become bitter so that you can authentically enjoy those times.

You have to let yourself be happy, and this is why it is worth keeping in mind how we should handle those bad times each day.

  • Understand that bad things happen, that mistakes can be solved, that critiques do not define you, that those who make you unhappy do not deserve your attention nor more tears on your face.
  • Deactivate all negative emotions, first by understanding them and then by channeling them. An argument does not end by raising your voice; maybe you need to leave it for another time, disconnect, and calmly clear your head.
  • That bad time each day can be followed by an excellent day if you allow it. Say no to those recurring negative thoughts, control the fire-and-brimstone thoughts, the ones that make us think that our life really is bad. Avoid all of that mental noise that brings such serious consequences.
  • Disconnect from negative rumors; take a moment for yourself and conquer your negative emotions with new hope, with new short-term projects.

A moment dedicated to reflection, calm, and worrying about ourselves is investing in our future.

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Images courtesy of Moon Jong Hyeok

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