Isn’t It Wonderful to Dream That Everything Is Still Possible?

Isn’t It Wonderful to Dream That Everything Is Still Possible?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Isn’t it wonderful to dream that everything is still possible, that everything is within your reach, within your desire and your effort, that you have just started a project and hope overwhelms you, giving you that push that makes you fight against all odds without anything else mattering?

Every journey starts with a first step, with something that you can dream up and that you try to make a reality. And it is in that very moment, in that very instant, that all of your energy is focused on that one goal; it is in that moment that you see that everything is possible if you fight for it.

Then step by step you start doing everything necessary to come closer to your goal, no matter how far it may be. You are overflowing with energy to fight for it. This is when you see that the impossible is possible if you fight for it tooth and nail.

However, it turns out that not everything is great, that you fail in your first attempt, in your second, and maybe you even fail more times than that, and then, what was possible ceases to be. But if it was possible before, why would it stop being possible?

Man with Soul of Wolf

The difference between “wanting to” and “being able to” is believing 

The goal is the same, but you are not, and that is where doubt raises its ugly head, where the monsters inside you pave the way for doubts about yourself and your abilities to overtake the hope and dreams that you had when you start chasing after this goal.

And this is when, over time, you start being your own worst enemy, when you stop being hopeful and start drowning yourself in depression. When, instead of dreaming, you set up obstacles in your own path. When you stop building bridges and instead lay traps along the way.

When you stop knowing that the only difference between wanting to and being able to is believing, because if you believe that you can, you will fight for it, and if you fight for it without ever giving up, sooner or later, you will achieve it. Because if you fight for it and put all of your energy into achieving it, even the elusive Lady Luck has to give in to the laws of probability.

Hands in Rainbow

Dreaming is not ceasing to keep your feet on the ground

However, dreaming, fighting, is not ceasing to have your feet on the ground. Fighting doesn’t mean no longer being realistic. You continue to know that your goal is complicated, but you also keep believing in it, believing in yourself, giving faith a chance to move mountains.

Faith in yourself does not imply trying to grab a rainbow with your hands or trying to put all the water of the seas in a bottle. Your dreams are not too big if you don’t make yourself too small to go after them. The time to fight is now, don’t waste a lifetime just trying to figure that out.

Fear and doubt can end up building up great power when you start finding stumbling stones in your path, but do not forget that your dreams are built on a foundation of hope. Do not lose hope because then you will have lost your ability to fight, and as a result, your dreams.

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