I'll Love You No Matter the Distance

I'll Love You No Matter the Distance

Last update: 25 December, 2016

Distance is complicated for any relationship. It’s a litmus test that will determine whether the relationship can survive or not. But why do some people refuse to try a long-distance relationship? And why can some people succeed at it gracefully?

When the circumstances impose distance on the relationship, many couples choose to end things. They do it right away, without even considering that the distance could be an obstacle they could overcome. But many others throw themselves into the adventure of trying to overcome the obstacle, which is anything but small.

Distance can prevent hugs and kisses, but never feelings.

Long-distance relationships seem difficult

Distance always seems difficult because you don’t have that contact that every relationship needs. You think that without it, the relationship will crumble. Maybe the relationship will be too affected by it and everything will end before you expect it to. But…why not try it out?

There are many people who make their relationships long-distance for work reasons, which sometimes works out and sometimes doesn’t. What’s the trick? There really isn’t one single factor; rather, there’s a whole set of them. These are people who, even though they’re in a relationship, like to enjoy a certain level of independence. But they also think emotional contact is important and they know how to maintain it, even when physical contact is restricted.

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Distance tends to be an obstacle that seems very big at first, especially if the relationship hasn’t experienced it before. People who survive the first stage tend to adapt in some way or another, creating their own mechanisms to make it easier: nightly phone calls, letters, a large dose of patience, etc.

Separation only scares those who don’t believe in true love.

However, if the distance has no end in sight, there will be a third stage in which the obstacle starts to transform into something bigger. The wounds that have been created lose their hope of being healed, and eventually both partners start to silently give up. That’s why it’s so important to have a date that will somehow put an end to the situation.

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier

How do people maintain long-distance relationships? Is distance really a barrier? The truth is that we create the barriers ourselves, because distance is really just another stage of the relationship that you can overcome and even enjoy. If you ever find yourself in a situation like that, you should know that there are some things that can help you:

  • Stay in touch: without contact, you’ll become true strangers. Take advantage of everything technology can offer you to communicate every day. Talk to each other and share your fears, doubts, and dreams. In short, keep talking to that special person.
  • Trust: being far away from each other can cause jealousy to blossom, since you never know what your partner might be doing. That’s why it’s important to trust in them, which means you should talk about the relationship. As you can see, communication continues to be the basis for surviving the distance.
  • Be flexible: just because your partner is far away doesn’t mean they don’t still need their space. So don’t get angry if you call them more than they call you, or if they don’t contact you as much as you contact them. Maybe their obligations are preventing them from doing so. If you want to avoid ridiculous arguments, be flexible.
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If you want to, you can

Romantic relationships aren’t always rose-colored. Like all other relationships, they have their ups and downs. The big question is whether you’re prepared to give your all to the relationship, to put effort into making it work.

If you both want it, being far away won’t have power over you. Of course it will be difficult, but who ever said it was easy to get what you want? Everything you want has a price and takes effort. What would become of us if everything was easy?

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The most important things in life take the most effort. Don’t refuse a long-distance relationship because you’re afraid it won’t work. Who knows? In love, anything is possible.

“Only we know how to be distantly together.”

-Julio Cortázar-

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? Do you think they’re difficult to maintain? Everybody has different views of and experiences with them. But we can all agree that if it’s true love and if both people make an effort, there’s no barrier that can get the best of the relationship.

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