If You Don't Ever Start it, You'll Never Know How it Could End

Often, you feel intimidated when starting a new project simply because you fear having a bad experience. However, knowing how to face these fears is essential for living a full life that, even with its mistakes, is fulfilling.
If You Don't Ever Start it, You'll Never Know How it Could End

Last update: 11 September, 2021

There’s only one way to know how something will end. That’s to start it. Indeed, you’ll never know how things could turn out if you don’t have the courage to face it, start it, and continue with it.

Everything that begins in life deserves an end. Sometimes it’ll be positive, and sometimes not, but it’s always necessary to finish it so you can close the door on it and allow another one to open. Otherwise, you’ll live in a world of constant uncertainty where you don’t move forward. In fact, you’ll go backward, because nothing will ever end.

Opening and closing doors

In life, you’re constantly offered opportunities that can be likened to open doors. Each of these opportunities is a vital moment in your life. it’s that time when a path appears for you to travel along, a path that’s sometimes bright and promising, and others dark and gloomy.

However, if you decide not to travel along the path, you’ll never know where it might’ve taken you. You can only watch from the door. You can see its light, but maybe it’s too bright and dazzles you, so you back down and don’t walk along that path. Or, perhaps it’s too dark, and it scares you because you think it makes the future look black too.

Open door to dreams

If this is the way you see life, perhaps you should have a rethink and ask yourself certain questions. For example, have you thought about your fear of living? Maybe it’s the idea of taking risks that torments you so you prefer uncertainty and immobility? Perhaps you’d really rather not start anything in case you don’t finish it, so you just don’t ever go forward with any of your hopes and dreams?

If your life is like this, maybe you should start realizing that something that doesn’t begin, can’t end. Indeed, this is really not the right way to live. Because, by avoiding moving forward, and risking and expanding your horizons, you’re giving up on living.

“To succeed in life, it’s not important to be the first to arrive. To succeed you simply have to arrive, getting up every time you fall on the road.”


Lift yourself up and reach the end

Some people are unable to start anything because they’re afraid of falling.  An excessively high road causes vertigo in the unadventurous. In addition, the shame of possible failure and an unwillingness to face any dangers and obstacles leads to inaction and immobility.

Perhaps you don’t dare because of what others will say. You’re afraid of making a fool of yourself, or you fear  that others may think badly of you. However, in this way, you turn your life into a never-ending movie, an unfinished play, a theatrical performance that’ll never begin. A career that’ll never take place.

Woman sitting on a cliff

The fear of failure should never be something that stops you. What’s more, it can sometimes mean you don’t even make a start on making your dreams come true. That’s a big mistake. Not starting a vital project because of the fear of failure is cowardly, and you’re not a scaredy-cat.

If you fall, you can always get back up. Surrendering to something that doesn’t fulfill you, doesn’t complete you, and doesn’t define you is never an option. On the other hand, being yourself, being firm, putting yourself on the right path, and letting your heart guide you, will allow you to get rid of your fear and vertigo in the face of the highest, stoniest and darkest roads.

Avoid the fear of starting

Never let yourself be tormented by failure. The only thing that should be a real problem in your mind is not trying. As a matter of fact, not starting out for fear of being unable to finish can be truly harmful.

“Each failure is just another chapter in the history of our life and a lesson that helps us grow. Don’t be discouraged by failures. Learn from them, and move on.”


For this reason, make as many starts as you want. Because only then will you learn how each chapter of your life ends. Don’t let yourself be muzzled by panic over starting your projects because of your fear of failure or shame. Don’t leave the book of your existence unfinished due to the opinions of others or your fear of failure. Remember, you can get back up, be stronger, and end your story with a satisfied smile on your face.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.