"I Will Love You in Silence." A Place Where Words are Unnecessary

"I Will Love You in Silence." A Place Where Words are Unnecessary

Last update: 06 July, 2017

Many times, words are not necessary to show our feelings and affection. We are talking about the power of non-verbal communication, a powerful way of communicating that does not require words to touch the soul of another person.  On the other hand, non-verbal communication is less conscious than verbal communication, therefore it is more reliable and more complicated to manipulate. Furthermore, we have to keep in mind that words we do not reveal more than 10% of the information we want to convey.

The eighties left us with many masterpieces to remember, among them we find one in the form of a motion picture. We are talking about the full-length film titled “Children of a Lesser God.” Played by William Hurt as James and Marlee Martin as Sarah, who went on to win an Oscar for Best Actress for her original role.

It is the story of a deaf-mute young woman who, against all odds, gets romantically involved with her special education teacher and ends up falling in love. A story that invites us to reflect on all that can be communicated through body language and reminds us that it best represents who we are inside. 

The key scene is the one which was filmed in the pool at a beach house, where we can really appreciate the sign language they use with one another. In this interchange of messages the attraction they feel for each other is made very clear. W ords and verbal communication do not exist, but also are not needed. 

More Than Words: The Power of Non-Verbal Communication


Going back to the scene in the movie, we don’t hear a word, but we do see a passionate conversation where James will ask questions with sincere looks, to which Sarah responds with candid caresses. You will see that nothing can be left to question, nothing can be misinterpreted, that the feelings ARE REAL.

The Honesty of Gazes

The visual system is that which is most connected to our emotions. When we want to hide our moods or we don’t want anyone to interpret what we are really saying, we glance away.

Our looks can give us away, leaving us with no escape when being watched by another person, they leave us both naked and trapped at the same time, leaving us…speechless! With just one look we can charm, fool, make someone feel important, we can cause excitement, we can attract someone forever.

When a person loves us, and we love them back, their looking at us closely can cause a special tingling in our stomach, which in any other form is very hard to achieve. A close look is the best refuge you will find, because in it you can gain an immense understanding or it can make you feel like a foreigner in an inhospitable world. One way or another, its power is great.

A look at the right time, along with an unexpected caress, can penetrate the soul of another person like no beautiful words ever could. With one look we are capable of jumping over any barrier or limit, because by means of it we can reveal our most real and intimate inner self. 

Feeling Is So Much More Important Than Listening

From this moment on Sarah will never be able to say “I love you,” but it’s very likely James does not need to hear it either. Without a doubt, he already knows it, because Sarah’s gestures, the look on her face or the way she gazes at him leave no doubt. It has to do with a message, open, clear and sincere, sent without anything other than the intensity transmitted by the body.

What this teaches us is how natural it is to show what we feel without words and compliments. It teaches us truth, a real attraction that is permanent, with large doses of passion, sincerity and veracity. It teaches us a great desire to communicate by means of a silent force that is at the same time alluring.

So to you whom I do not know (or perhaps I do), open your eyes, declare yourself by means of looks, use your hands and hold on tightly to that person who is so important to you. Ultimately, do not lower your gaze, hide your hands, nor tense your face so as not to smile; love in silence and the spoken “I love you’s” will not be needed because you will have already said them and the other person will already know. 

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