How Do We Achieve A Goal?

How Do We Achieve A Goal?

Last update: 28 October, 2016

To move forward, we use the goals that we impose or that others suggest. They function as stations where we can stop and check whether our values become true. This process makes achieving a goal that does not go hand in hand with our personal values very difficult. This process helps us create and reach goals that are in perfect harmony with those values that motivate us. The person who wants to achieve success must also have a mission.

We talk about a mission as being the set of all values, ideas, interests, and desires of a person. It is important to make the effort to find our mission. It is not an obligation, but something that brings meaning to life. Having identified the values and mission, we can set goals. For example, answering a number of key issues:

  • What is the goal? Define it without making comparisons. It should have a time limit and be connected to the abilities or skills of the subject.
  • What characterizes the desired final situation? Identify the activities and feelings that are most likely going to ensure reaching the goal.
  • What changes can result in life after obtaining the goal? Knowing the benefits will encourage and motivate the individual to perform actions aimed at obtaining it.
  • What’s stopping you from starting toward your goal right now? Predict whether achieving the goal may have negative consequences.
  • What do you need to achieve it? Estimate the resources and tools you’ll need to achieve the objective.

Progress occurs day by day. Change what isn’t working for you. Decisions you are making are important, but most of all it is the action that will determine the weight of those decisions. As Goethe said, “It is not enough to take steps that someday could lead to the goal, but each step should be a goal, without ceasing to be a step.

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