Growing Every Day Is Your Responsibility

Growing Every Day Is Your Responsibility

Last update: 07 May, 2016

Worries, stress…all of these things that oppress and haunt us when we become adults have an explanation. We all need to grow. Be it professionally or personally, or in every aspect. The truth is that getting stuck and staying still is not an option, though many people might do it.

But, what is this need to overcome ourselves? Why do we have this desire to progress, to become better people? Today you’ll discover how to keep growing, how to improve as a person every day, while understanding this need as something innate to our existence. Are you ready to start growing every day?

“Nobody can learn for you. Nobody can grow for you. Nobody can seek for you. Nobody can do for you what you must do for yourself. Existence doesn’t allow for substitutes.”
Jorge Bucay

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