A Good Fit Of Laughter and a Good Long Sleep Are the Best Cures

A Good Fit Of Laughter and a Good Long Sleep Are the Best Cures

Last update: 28 July, 2022

A good fit of laughter and a good long sleep are the best cures for everything, according to an Irish proverb. And in some way, the truth is that it is absolutely right. How many times have we thought that we needed to rest to feel better and see things differently? How many times has a good laughing fit helped us relieve our tension?

The answer to both questions probably helps us understand that, through our lives, there have been many situations that we consider. Why? Because sometimes life wears us out and we need to stop giving explanations, at least stop doing it emotionally.

As we have said, to stand up to emotional overload, we have two infallible tools: sleep and laughter. There are many more, such as exercising, but these two are within our reach every day and in any circumstance.

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Sleep’s ability to restart our mind

Sleep is indispensable for keeping our mind clear and being able to think clearly. In fact, our body uses it for that reason, to restart, recharge its energy, reset its rhythms, and return to life with greater strength.

Given that sleep is a basic need like eating or drinking, we have to lend it the importance it really has. So to keep proper sleep hygiene, we have to properly manage the points that we will present to you below:

  • Avoiding energy drinks, caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco after 6 pm is basic for proper sleep.
  • If we must do physical exercise regularly, we must manage to do this 3-4 hours before bed
  • Do not eat and/or drink large amounts before going to bed
  • Do not eat if you wake up during the night
  • Keep a comfortable temperature (no more than 73º) and reduce the amount of light and sound in the bedroom we are going to sleep in
  • Do not go to bed hungry
  • Avoid sleeping on a very hard mattress
  • Reduce naps
  • Get rid of the alarm clock to reduce anxiety
  • Go to bed only when you are tired
  • If you do not fall asleep in 15-20 minutes, it is better to get up and do some calming task and go back when you are tired
  • Keep a regular schedule and go to bed only to sleep or have sex

If there is some worry floating around in our head, getting in a few hours of sleep will help us see things in a different light. Moreover, it is at these times that it becomes much more important to remember the previous points.

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A great fit of laughter to release tension

Life looks different after a good fit of laughter. With this, as with all things, it has a lot to do with our brain, which releases endorphins when we do it, contributing to the release of tension and therefore leading to clearness of mind and helping us solve our problems.

In other words, endorphins help us reduce our stress levels and, obviously, to feel much better. Likewise, letting out a good laugh also relieves our pain thanks to the effect of endorphins.

Let us say that endorphins counteract the effect of the stress hormone (cortisol), which helps reduce our negative thoughts and feelings.

When we feel like we need a big laugh and we do not know how to make ourselves smile, we can look for a series, a movie, or some funny video. It is also good to spend more time with friends and family who make us feel good. By doing this, it will be easier to inject some good humor into our lives.

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Laughter and sleep, keys to maintaining emotional and physical balance

It is important for us to keep this in mind since it tends to be one of the issues that we neglect the most in our daily lives. Sometimes due to the fact that we are immersed in the daily whirlwind, we do not let ourselves take a break from our worries or relax our tensions.

A good fit of laughter helps us let out those emotions that we have bottled up and that we do not let ourselves express. In the same way, sleep exerts such a relaxing and “decompressing” effect that can help us keep our minds much more active and precise.

The solution to daily stress and emotional discomfort often lies in our hands, or at least in the simplest of things. As we have seen, we have tools to manage to sleep better or laugh with the force of life; we do not have any excuse not to remember these things.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.