Gestures: The Ultimate Demonstration of Love

Gestures: The Ultimate Demonstration of Love

Last update: 06 October, 2018

We forge personal relationships on a daily basis that are based on accumulated experiences between two partners or between family and friends. The joys, the good times, or common achievements contribute to the relationship’s foundation. Not only good things make up a relationship, but also disappointments and suffering. Having a weekly routine can make the relationship boring. Therefore, in a relationship, paying attention to gestures can make a difference.

After years in a relationship, small gestures keep the spark burning. Why? Because they’re the ultimate demonstration of love in a relationship. A surprise romantic evening, preparing a relaxing bath, or even an unexpected hug can help keep the passion alive.

Does routine negatively affect relationships?

Day to day life as a couple and maintaining a routine isn’t a bad thing. Actually, some people would say it’s the opposite. It can help build solid foundations and maintain some organization and stability. That’s why routine is important. It’s in the rhythm of daily life that gestures in a relationship become most important. 

If every moment of every day is “special” or “memorable”, there comes a point when we begin not to value those moments anymore. If every moment is special, what makes it so special from the last? We quickly become used to those special moments. Instead, we should accept routine and sprinkle our time with specks of sugar to sweeten the routine now and again and show love, concern, and affection for your partner. 

A couple hugging.

You don’t have to wait for a special moment to make something special. Why wait if there are opportunities that present themselves throughout the day? We expect these types of demonstrations on birthdays and anniversaries. Therefore, they don’t always bring that extra element of surprise and significance. On the other hand, incorporating unexpected surprises on any given day of the week sweetens the relationship. It pushes the relationship forward, bringing freshness and filling it with joy.

The importance of focusing on your partner

The most important thing when it comes to minding the gestures with your partner is thinking about the other person. Set your eyes on them and focus your attention their way. Keep in mind that the gesture is for your partner, not for you. Therefore, it should be something special for them that would make them smile.

All this has a double effect. On one hand, you’re able to forget whatever’s bothering you and focus on your partner. You’ll have the satisfaction of making someone you care about happy. On the other hand, if your gesture makes your partner happy, you’ll be able to know that you made them happy. This will have a huge and healthy impact on your relationship. 

We should emphasize that these small gestures should be reciprocal. We all like to show affection and also see that others care about us. It’s intrinsic to human nature for us to want to have our partner in the palm of our hand. However, our partners shouldn’t take advantage of all the nice things we do. They should give back in return.

A happy couple.

These gestures have to go both ways. You have to be active and fulfill the principle of basic reciprocity in any relationship. Sometimes, it’s important to put aside your own tastes and think only about your partner and what makes them happy. It’s in this generosity that you get to put yourself in the background and focus your eyes on your partner. That’s when we’re able to show the most love!

Small gestures are neither expensive nor selfish

You really don’t need to invest a lot of money or time to show someone you love them. Creativity is enough to put a loving touch on the relationship. Of course, it’s essential to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and find exactly what would make them happiest. You’ve had to have heard the phrase “Small gestures make the difference”. Well, we’re going to present some examples of these small gestures here.

Gestures within a couple

If your partner is usually the one who takes care of putting the children to bed, you can be the one to do that job for the week. You can also thank them for their work by giving them a massage or helping around the house. You can also surprise them by picking them up from work, sending a photo that makes them laugh, or cooking their favorite meal with extra care and attention. Cleaning up the kitchen afterward is always a plus!

At the intellectual level, it’s important for you to listen to your partner and understand their needs. Give advice if they’re having a problem. Become involved in their decision making. One of the most important gestures that goes unnoticed is giving them a hug as soon as you see them.

Couple doing gestures.

As you can see, the most important thing is to think about your partner and their needs and desires. Put yourself in their shoes for a second and show them how well you know them with your attention to detail. This will benefit your relationship in many ways. By incorporating small gestures into your relationship, you’ll take steps towards a better and more committed future. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.