Forgiving Makes Me a Better Person

Forgiving Makes Me a Better Person
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

If there’s something that comforts me more than anything else, it’s knowing that I’m able to forgive. In fact, forgiving saved me, because that was the only way I could find myself.

By forgiving someone who hurt me, I’ve made a change. In other words, it made me stop thinking of that person grudgingly in order to start thinking of myself lovingly.

“There is nothing better than finding yourself and forgiving the other person whether they’re right or not, because when people do hurtful things, they usually do it because at that moment they couldn’t do it any better, because they were scared, or whatever reason. Therefore, forgiving is something wonderful.”


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It’s about saving myself

Accepting hurt and trying to move forward from it is a huge emotional shock. We feel that we’re alone and it seems we only have two choices ahead.

On the one hand, the easiest path seems to be letting time heal the wound while believing forgiveness will come on its own. The other option is the challenge of facing the pain and forgiving.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that only the second one works, since only this way has forgiveness been able to make me stop thinking of the wound with hatred and start thinking of the scar.

Forgiving someone in due time is an invitation to love and save ourselves. It saves us from the pain and helps us overcome the damage to be able to grow, to become a better person and appreciate what we have.

Forgiving makes me better

Why does forgiving make us grow? Forgiving is the most courageous act I know. In fact, nothing has ever made me as great as knowing how to forgive my greatest disappointments, and understanding that it’s just as important to forgive as to be forgiven.

Asking for forgiveness is just as hard as giving it. Leaving pain aside to put other’s successes above their mistakes is courageous.

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For example, I like people that understand there’s a price to pay for our own well-being, and that a lot of the time this happens when we forgive, forget, and let go of what hurts us.

I like knowing that my behavior isn’t constantly being put through the filter of good and bad, and that I’m allowed to make mistakes.

Why is forgiveness necessary?

Honesty is beneficial in all of our relationships, but especially the one we have with ourselves.

When it’s time to forgive, in this sense, it doesn’t work if it’s not honest from inside. Forgiveness offers some benefits that you might want to know. When we don’t forgive, that negative energy builds up inside us. It’s kind of like hatred. In the end, we’re the ones affected, even if we think differently.

Forgiving is better for our health: there are studies that confirm that forgiving reduces stress and heart disease. Forgiveness frees and heals: people change, moments also, and nobody is perfect. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can free ourselves from the situations we’re stuck in. Forgiving, in this sense, means we understand that we all make mistakes.

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