Feeling Sad at Christmastime

Feeling Sad at Christmastime

Last update: 18 December, 2021

Feeling sad at Christmastime is an increasingly common phenomenon. Even more so in the difficult times we’re living in right now. What do you feel about Christmas? Does it fill you with your joy or do you feel like you’ve lost the Christmas spirit?

Some people love Christmas and can’t wait for it to arrive. However, there are others who’d like to completely wipe it from the calendar and all they hope for is that it’ll pass quickly.

Those who prefer not to think about Christmas are usually people who are going through a bad economic time and can’t afford to splurge at this time of great consumerism. However, the people who suffer most are those who’ve lost a loved one. In these cases, they need to lean on their family and friends, because isolating themselves only aggravates the situation.

Furthermore, dates on which it appears to be mandatory to be happy, smile, and be nice to others simply don’t appeal to everyone. For example, perhaps they just don’t feel the same way and can’t change their emotional state, no matter how much pressure there may be on them to change.

It’s important to remember that it isn’t compulsory to follow an established pattern of celebration at Christmastime. There are no rules to follow. In fact, the more expectations you build, the more frustrated you’ll feel and the more likely you are to feel sad over the festive period.

In the end, it isn’t important how you decorate the table or what you wear. In fact, human contact will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Sadness at Christmastime

Each person lives through Christmas in their own way, according to their own circumstances. Nevertheless, there are some elements that can have a great deal of influence on the way in which the Christmas holidays are both perceived and spent.

Worst of all, some people feel forced to adapt to a pre-established script about how the celebrations should be.

The superficial aspect

If you’re one of these people, you’ll tend to worry excessively about your image. For instance, when you meet with family and friends you’ll want to stand out. Therefore, you’ll want to be wearing your most beautiful clothes, with your make-up immaculately applied.

Similarly, if you’re having guests, you’ll want to make a good impression. You’ll get your best crockery and cutlery out. In fact, you might even buy new. Indeed, all that matters is what others think of you.

However, people who are only interested in giving the impression of a perfect image don’t enjoy what’s really important. That’s because their interest is focused solely on impressing others. The superficial, as the word indicates, is temporary and it quickly fades. What fills the soul is neither material nor luxurious.

The side of spirituality

The side of spirituality

Of course, it’s normal to want to dress up at Christmas more than you would on an ordinary day. However, it’s better to do it for the sheer joy of it, not simply to impress others.

Similarly, getting out the best cutlery is enjoyable, but not to impress, just to enjoy.  Your focus should be on your guests, not on material objects or aesthetics. Indeed, you can dress in a spectacular dress, put on makeup, and serve dinner with gold cutlery… but that won’t leave you with a warm and lasting feeling inside.

“There is no ideal Christmas, only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.”

-Bill McKibben-

The richest people at heart are those who maintain happy spiritual memories and not those who remember the material elements of Christmastime. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling sad at Christmastime, try to hang out with people who feed your soul.

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