I Don't Need to Impress Anyone

I Don't Need to Impress Anyone

Last update: 28 July, 2022

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t need to impress anyone anymore. I am who I am without caring what others think of me.

I don’t need costumes, I don’t need to trick anyone or pretend. Because I can be who I really am.

I don’t need to laugh and make people believe I never cry. I don’t always need to be strong or always be pleasant.

I don’t need to be the same as anyone, and, above all, I accept myself as I am. With my virtues, but also with my shortcomings.

Because I cannot be perfect, but I’m always me.

I accept and love who I am and who I can be.


We do not exist to impress the world, but to be happy and to fulfill ourselves.

There are times when we want to grab all of the attention and be the life of the party. However, past a certain age, what really becomes important is for us to live our lives without always having to stand out to others.

Someone once said it’s nice to have money to buy things we want, but it’s nicer to have things that money can’t buy.


What life is teaching you…

Some people spend life doing things they hate, to get money they don’t need, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.


We have already been disappointed many times, we have placed our trust in hundreds of situations and, well, the truth is that we have not always obtained is the result we expected. Thus, in the same way you stop expecting something from others, you begin to realize that you should stop worrying about what others expect of you.



This is the time in which you take control of your desires, guide your life, have your own initiatives, and share your thoughts freely. It’s not only the beginning of your emotional freedom, but also your identity.

Why don’t we need to impress anyone but ourselves?

The most unhappy people in this world are the people who care too much about what others think. We do not need to please anyone but ourselves. And this follows a simple rule that everyone can understand: if we try to impress at any cost, we are disguising ourselves. And if we disguise ourselves, our essence dies.

Each person is unique and exceptional. Nothing and no one deserves to hide their true self, emotions or thoughts. Now, it is true that everything has a limit, you cannot say or do whatever comes to mind and you have to be careful not to hurt others.

Almost all of us get to that vital moment when we stop caring about what others think, because we realize that what really matters is us. The person who  serves himself becomes someone purer, truer, and fuller.

Ultimately, the only way to be an unforgettable person is not by not trying to be one. Being natural and working our true desires is the key to being happier.

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