I Have the Feeling Everything Will Fall Into Place Some Day

I Have the Feeling Everything Will Fall Into Place Some Day

Last update: 28 July, 2022

I have the feeling everything will fall into place some day, that every effort will find its privileged corner and that all hope will have its reward. Because trusting in intuition is listening to the voice of the soul, the wisdom of our unconscious mind connected to the world and our essence.

At some point in our lives, all of us have had some premonition. It is not magic, it is not a precognition or a crystal ball revealing the future to us. For Daniel Cappon, a famous psychiatrist from York University in Canada, premonitions are the crown of human intelligence, a discredited concept, but part of our survival as a species.

Trust your intuition and pay attention to that premonition that makes your heart beat faster and indicates that some day everything will fall into place in your life, because sometimes two blindfolded eyes see more than a blind mind.

Every time we tell someone that we have a feeling that something is going to turn out well, the person we are talking to instantly puts a smile of skepticism on their face. However, before falling into criticism or mocking, we must understand what end these sudden and inexplicable sensations have: leading us to make a quick decision based on data and experiences lying deep down in our conscience.

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The anatomy of premonitions

Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book “Intuitive Intelligence,” tells us that premonitions are the voice of intuition. If this word causes a certain distrust, it is because of the supernatural attribution that it has acquired. So we should “dissect it” and understand a little bit more.

In general, people trust their conscious, well-reasoned, and reflected decisions more than their intuitions. However, a large part of our reactions are the result of what we call “instinct.”

We are purely emotional beings, and since we do not always have time to undertake a detailed analysis of everything that is involved when it comes time to make a decision, we turn to the voice of our subconscious: premonition and intuition.

Humans store a large part of their knowledge in the subconscious mind, where the emotional world, the instinctive, and the root of all our experiences are combined in a subtle way to reveal what we call intuition.

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This is so much the case that, according to an article published in the magazine “Psychology Today ,” premonitions could be our best daily compass, because they allow us to act in accordance with our true identity.

How to understand premonitions

Premonitions are often accompanied by various physiological sensations: chills, goosebumps, and above all else, that classic “knot” in our stomach. Michael Gershon, researcher at Columbia University in the United states and author of the book “The Second Brain,” tells us that it is precisely in the stomach that a extensive network of nerve cells can be found which is connected to our emotional brain.

That sudden physical sensation that comes up with premonition is nothing more than the voice of our emotions warning us about something. So how we can understand our own premonitions a little bit better?

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Keys to dig deeper into our premonitions

Doctor Daniel Cappon, quoted at the start of this article, has published a very interesting book entitled “Intuition and Management,” where he teaches us to develop these characteristics a bit better. According to Cappon, premonitions are part of our intelligence, and as such, we should pay attention to them at all times.

Our unconscious mind is like an internal computer capable of quickly breaking through the darkness to give us some information. We have to be capable of understanding every sensation, bit of information, or inference that it sends us.

Not all premonitions are valid; this is an important detail to keep in mind. Their goal is to make us reflect on something to later make a decision. Intuition, like premonitions, is very common in creative people.

Premonitions have nothing to do with gender; men and women can be equally intuitive and have the same number of positive and negative premonitions throughout the day.

Premonitions will appear more regularly in our brain in moments of calm, when we manage to finally disconnect from the outside noise so that we can get in touch with our heart, with our emotions.

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Intuition, as well as gut feelings, are direct doors into our unconscious wisdom, often ignored by a society that only values the quantifiable, the concrete, and that left hemisphere that governs the logical and mathematical.

Nevertheless, listening to those premonitions that disturb our mind from time to time, asking for permission to be heard, might be crucial. Because intuition is the awareness of experience, something that the heart knows and that the mind ignores.

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