Fallin Floyd: A Video To Help You Carry On

Fallin Floyd: A Video To Help You Carry On

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Hitting rock bottom is similar to finding yourself in a dead-end street and believing that nothing is ever going to save you. You know very well that feeling of intense discouragement and sadness that makes you not want to get out of bed some days, because your bed is actually where you find a little bit of shelter from the cold reality outside.

In those moments of greatest emotional weakness, your anxiety mixes with your frustration and start to blur your vision: they make you feel self-pity because of your bad luck and the thought of completely giving up appears in your mind.

“Sadness is a dark room, as small as a square cardboard box”
-J.V. Martínez Gil-

Today we’re bringing you a short animated film that seeks to reach out to everyone and that deals with the emotional enemies that undermine the confidence you have in yourself: it is called Fallin’ Floyd and teaches us, among other things, how to carry on after reaching rock bottom. We invite you to watch it before reading on:

Fallin’ Floyd: A fun video that reflects the reality of life

Created in 2013 by the Dutch production company “Il Lustern“, this short animated film tells a simple story which you are sure to be able to relate to either because of what you’re going through at the moment or what you’ve been through in the past.
Our character is a young trumpeter who plays his music in the street and cheers people up as they walk by. Everything seems to be going well for him in his life until one day he discovers something that will shake him to the core: his partner, who he is madly in love with, has abandoned him for another person.

Then the music, colors and the expression of the musician come together to create a sad and gloomy atmosphere that reflects his current feelings. In addition, a kind of black imp appears with him and starts to simulate that inner downturn in his life: it impairs his outlook and derails him, overcoming him and accompanying him everywhere like a great burden.

But when things seems to hit rock bottom …

Towards the middle of the animation you will see how the character just cannot get any worse and nothing is going well for him: he has no enthusiasm nor energy nor a will to carry on. However, as in real life, something’s going to help him get his head above water and continue: the acceptance of the battle and its subsequent overcoming.

And so, after going through bleak and inhospitable places and meeting other people who feel the same way as he does, he realizes that giving up on himself will not get him anywhere: and even though his imp is already bigger than him, he confronts adversity and begins to be the great happy trumpeter he was at the beginning.

“It is the overcoming of difficulties
 that makes heroes “
-Louis Pasteur-

The short animation, without using verbal language, manages to get across an extremely important message to you: any separation or traumatic moment needs a natural process of assimilation during which there will be pain and after which we can start again, and get on with our dreams, projects and relationships … It is almost as if we have to hit rock bottom, in order to be able to push upwards again with more impetus.

The visual power of the video

We have before us a short animation full of sensitivity which confronts us with life in all its bleakness, but also with the truth: whether things go well or badly, we can always have something to say, we can always make the decision to carry on, swim against the current and overcome what has got in our way.

In the video we can also see the value of the little touches in life (such as the smiles of the passers-by filling the musician with peace), the importance of the self-esteem and courage that we all carry within us, and that only we are capable of discovering when we have our back against the wall. It’s an animation loaded with nostalgia, emptiness, sadness and, finally, great courage that represents what we are all made of.

“When there is sadness in the heart, then the sun is darkened at noon and the music of the dawn is silenced
-Edward Young-

Finally, if you liked “Fallin ‘Floyd”, then you have the opportunity to discover “Little Quentin“. It comes from the same creators, Paco Vink and Albert Hooft, was made in 2009, and is another animation full of contrasts, lights and shadows, and just as interesting as Fallin’ Floyd.

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