The Energy Others Give Off Affects How We Feel

The Energy Others Give Off Affects How We Feel

Last update: 17 June, 2017

We tend to absorb other people’s energy. This explains why there are people who feel uncomfortable in or around certain groups of people. This conclusion was reached thanks to a study conducted by the University of Bielefeld. In it, it was proven that human beings are continuously influenced by the energies of their surroundings.

Flowers need water and light in order to grow, and humans aren’t any different. Our physical bodies are like sponges, absorbing part of whatever hovers around us. Our body takes advantage of the energy that other organisms give off in order to feed our emotional states. We all have someone in our surroundings that is able to suck all of our energy and leave us dragging our feet. We also have the opposite case: people whose presence simply inspires us.

It seems that humans can also absorb the energy that emanates from animals and nature. That is the reason why being in contact with nature is stimulating and energizing for so many people.  Zoo-therapy, or therapy assisted with animals, uses animals in order to improve the conditions of its patients.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”
-Benjamin Franklin-

The relationship between our mood and our energy level

Energy is the ability that a body possesses to perform a given task. All bodies can accumulate it and produce changes in themselves and over other elements. In fact, when we perform any activity, what we are doing deep down is a transfer of energy.

All living creatures need different kinds of energies, and many we obtain through eating and drinking. We can also obtain them from nature, concretely in the wind, water, heat, light, etc. Without a doubt, energy is an essential part of our lives. the absence of it hinders many of our everyday activities. For example, this includes getting around, taking care of yourself, working or doing sports.

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The energy of our body influences and modifies out mood. According to some psychologists, such as Robert Thayer, our mood reflects the association between our energetic states and emotions. Our mood fluctuates between an energetic state (from exhausted to more active) and a state that refers to the degree of nerves we currently feel (from calm to more tense). Also, it is considered that the “best” state is to be calm-energetic and the “worst” is to be tense-exhausted.

Man tends to become what he believes he is. 

How can I increase my positive energy?

When an individual’s personal energetic state is low, everything becomes harder and their difficulties multiply. It’s necessary to ask ourselves what actions, events or people provide a positive energetic state. Actions and people who provide us with good energy help us walk down our personal paths in a more proactive way.

In order to increase our energetic state, besides surrounding ourselves with positive people, we have to put some work in on a personal level. Following these guidelines can help us achieve an optimal energetic state:

  • Staying focused on our objectives, so our energy doesn’t get dispersed.
  • Being in a state of non-resistance. That which we resist, sticks to us.
  • Being aware of our limitations, without judging ourselves for it.
  • Focusing our energy on the objectives we have the most control over.
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On the other hand, you have to seek out the activities that will help us maintain our motivation. For some, it’s enough to do exercise, go outdoors, share tasks or change their habits. We have to find something that make us more alert and try to include it into our day to day. Likewise, it is also helpful to keep people around us who have an approach and objective similar to ours. That way, they can also take advantage of the energy which you emit.

Choosing our daily environment, friends, activities and definitely our life companions correctly influences our mood. Surrounding ourselves with affable people who have positive energy provides us with an important help when it comes to facing challenges. The transcendental ones as well as the ones found in our daily lives.

If attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

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