Emotional Caresses Are the Best Food for the Soul

23 June, 2017

The art of emotional caresses goes beyond simple physical contact. It implies caressing the soul with a glance, it means talking to a child tenderly in order to say “I’m proud of you”. It’s an “I’m thinking about you, I respect you and love you”. These caresses are the music which gives our emotional brain the air it needs to learn how to value another person.

Eric Berme is a psychiatrist and the founder of the Transactional Analysis. He defined emotional caresses as the basic units of acknowledgement that seek to, above all, provide individuals with stimulation. We’re talking about a type of transaction. A wise exchange where a type of language is used that acts as authentic food for that delicate psychoemotional universe which defines and sustains us.

“And I have reached the decision that if scars teach, so do caresses.”
-Mario Benedetti-