Embellishing Moments, a Skill Within Everyone's Reach

Embellishing Moments, a Skill Within Everyone's Reach

Last update: 10 May, 2018

Life is a fantastic collection of instances. Making them beautiful and enjoyable, embellishing moments, is something which really reconciles us with nature. During the greater part of our lives, we rush after our schedules and activities that are most of the time quite stressful. This can end up provoking general discomfort, vital dissatisfaction, work stress, and anxiety. It ends up instilling state of mind which no one would ever voluntarily choose.

Anyone can go through moments of stress. Anyone can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and ultimately sad. Situations which should be rare aspects of our lives are ever more common and frequent. In some way, this stress drags us down until it captures us. Eventually, we’ll wake up saying, “What does it feel like to enjoy life again? How can I embellish my life? ” These are the moments that we used to enjoy so naturally and which we, at some point, forgot the recipe for…

What does embellishing moments imply?

Embellishing moments is a skill of emotional regulation developed through different approaches. These include Positive Psychology or Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Personality Disorder used by the psychologist Marsha M. Linehan.

Girl with stars on her back.

We say that this is a skill of emotional regulation because it encompasses all of the behaviors and thoughts oriented towards boosting well-being and reducing negative emotions, such as rage, anxiety, or frustration. Making the moment more beautiful is a very useful skill in order to face one’s daily obligations and situations with a positive approach.

Embellishing your daily obligations

1. Live in the present moment

In the first place, making the moment more beautiful is a skill which requires a minimum capacity to isolate oneself from the past and future. In this sense, mindfulness training may help. It’s all about being able to stop, observe, and accept what you’re currently living when you’re performing your daily tasks.

Being capable of living in the present moment is the first step towards recovering that lost recipe we mentioned before. In those “delicate” moments, try to get to know to a deep extent your feelings, your environment and the sensations produced by the movements you make. Also, the sensations which arise due to the stimuli which have an effect on you, such as the water in your morning shower.

2. Changes…who said anything about being scared?

The influence the environment has on your behavior and your emotions has been widely studied by the Environmental Psychology group. In order to take advantage of this influence, first, you should inquire about how your environment is set up. What makes up the environment where you carry out your daily tasks and chores? Various studies explain how organized environments, with natural lighting and familiar objects that remind us of good times boost our well-being and improve our performance.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste and experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Introducing images into your visual field, or putting them within your reach, will help you with embellishing moments. Especially if these images remind you of your goals or accomplishments. They will boost your feeling of well-being. You can also strategically place phrases that motivate you within your personal space. Or phrases which remind you why you have chosen the path you are currently on. Thus, you’ll improve your motivation and increase your effort and persistence.

On the other hand, remove from your environment any objects or photos which lead you towards negative thoughts or feelings. If you detect the presence of objects which don’t transmit good sensations or bring you bad memories and place them out of your line of vision, this will also improve your well-being.

You need to keep in mind that carrying out your routine and boring tasks is easier if you perform them in a welcoming environment. An environment which transmits serenity and which makes you feel “at home.”

Woman blowing colorful stars.

3. Get the best instruments to work and study

Being selective with the materials or instruments you use can be a very positive aspect of your life. This is a small display of affection towards yourself. If you have to study, it’s best to use notes which are pleasing to the eye, colorful and have clear and sharp images. Get the best materials to use at work or in your studies. This will help your performance and motivation. Some people think that investing time in these aspects is a waste of time itself. Actually, they couldn’t be more wrong.

On the other hand, if your studies are behind you and you’re currently a part of the workforce, make sure you have the best work materials, the ones you prefer most. Make sure you have all of the necessary elements to develop your tasks efficiently. Having materials you like and which make your job easier will help you focus positively on your work tasks.

For example, if you use an agenda, folder and a computer, having ones which are aesthetically pleasing will make your job more pleasant. You’ll want to use them just by looking at them! You can set your background image to something which will inspire you. Something which will awaken positive emotions. If you can listen to music at work, don’t hesitate to do so! Music improves performance and mood and boosts creativity.

4. Take care of every detail about your daily habits

Meals tend to create moments of integration which are usually very pleasant. Therefore, these are wonderful embellishing opportunities. In order to boost your general well-being, it can be very useful to take care of the details pertaining to your meals. Making the food seem attractive to you, setting the table nicely, placing flowers or candles, etc. Even if all of this is just for you, it will make you enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Girl holding a dandelion.

All of these small details are perceived by your mind and will gradually start filling you with positive emotions and motivation. In this sense, embellishing the moment will allow you to take advantage of your routine. Also, it’s true that taking care of every detail requires effort. But it’s an effort that’s worth your while because it has a positive impact that directly affects you and the people you love.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.