Dreaming Again

Dreaming Again
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 26 October, 2022

Excitement is the “spark of life,” and without it, life loses color, everything becomes monotonous and dull, and nothing makes sense. Getting our hope back or learning to dream again means searching for excitement, and breaking out of our disinterest.

Excitement makes every moment of life special and unique. Also, living with enthusiasm allows us to advance to the moment we desire, as hope motivates us to visualize and plan what we want to experience in a way that we can enjoy it before it arrives.

“Do not deny your dreams. What would the world be without hope? “

-Ramon de Campoamor-

Where does hope lie?

Hope dwells in those moments in life that bring us closer to our dream. It is about wanting to get something, and putting all our energy into getting it. Excitement is that inner feeling that makes us enjoy before our desire is fulfilled. We can enhance the “spark of life” if we decide do it every day.

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Excitement dwells within us and in the way we do things. We can live our daily life, monotonously, reluctantly, routinely, automatically, that is, with no will to live.

But we can also propose to live each moment as if it were unique; putting in all our enthusiasm, our joy, all our excitement, because we know that we are closer to getting what we want.

We could say that hope  lies in having goals, desires and realistic and achievable projects. It lies in living every moment intensely, hoping to reach our goals, but also enjoying the whole process of the effort.

The hope of children

Remember when you were a child? Childhood is a time full of hope, and this is no accident. In childhood, we believe that everything is possible, are so excited when we have a plan, when a friend is coming over to our house, when we write a letter to Santa, etc…

Hope allows little children to live every moment of their innocent childhood intensely. When we become adults, we discover that not everything is possible, and that things are not as we want them to be, and this makes us lose hope. It dissipates from disappointments, problems, frustration and sufferings.

“My biggest hope is to continue to have hope.”

-José Narosky-

The lost hope

Once we become adults, we discover real life and it is not as fair as we thought it would be as children. We run the risk of losing the hope of childhood, and with it we lose the ability to enjoy every moment, since we are not confident that we can achieve projects and desires.

Therefore we will live with the bittersweet taste of disappointment.Our hope is lost between reluctance and disappointment

Life with excitement

However, life has much to offer and to even surprise us, all you have to do is believe in it, and you have  to get excited about the little things of everyday life. If we recover our desires, projects, and dreams in the small things in life, there is no doubt that dreaming again is possible.

And life will give us our fulfilled wishes, projects and dreams, simply because we will believe in them and put all our energy into achieving them.

Life, with hope, is a life full of good moments. Small moments are worth living because they fill us with satisfaction and happiness, even if there are other less happy moments.

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By living with enthusiasm, life becomes the sum of little moments that bring us closer to those desired goals. Even the bad times are needed to advance through a life that is worthwhile.

“While the heart has desire, imagination preserves excitement.”

-Francoise René Chateaubriand-

Regaining your enthusiasm

To regain your enthusiasm I propose a series of steps:

  • Aspire to do a project, have a dream or have a purpose that gives meaning to your life.
  • Every morning remember that life is worth living today, because each day you are getting closer to the project you want to complete in your life.
  • Live every moment with the same enthusiasm as when you were a kid, expressing it to those around you, bringing out the good part of what you’re experiencing today, by learning, enjoying and feeling yourself on the path towards getting what you propose.
  • Thank life for every moment, good or bad because everything makes us learn and improve in life. This is also part of the life you are willing to live, because to get to where you propose, you also have to grow and learn to how get it.
  • Be amazed, get excited, be surprised by everything that happens to you. Life is still as magical as it was when you were little, you just have to want it to be that way and feel it, and then recover the excitement of childhood with the maturity of an adult.



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