Don't Say I Don't Deserve the Things I Want

Don't Say I Don't Deserve the Things I Want

Last update: 01 June, 2016

There’s a saying that warns, “be careful what you wish for, it just might come true.” And I don’t know if this is true, but what I do know is that I won’t let anyone make me believe I can’t get what I want, or that I don’t deserve it.

We have to know who we are and what we want to be so that we can start to build towards those things. It seems like an easy puzzle to solve, but it’s really complicated to figure out what we want to do with our lives and then put it into practice. However, achieving these things involves knowing where we want to go, and once we know that, what we deserve will come on its own.

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

-The Pursuit of Happiness (Movie)-

Only I know what I deserve

Nobody is ever going to know me better than I know myself. Only I know what I’ve lived through and how I’ve done it. This is the reason why I always ask people not to judge me — because the experiences I’ve gone through are unique to me and have brought me to where I am today.

When you get to know yourself, you start to establish your priorities and act accordingly. You set your limits and notice yourself feeling happy with some things and uncomfortable with others. From this moment on, you know what you have to let yourself do in order to enjoy life as much as you can. When you allow yourself the things you deserve, you will attract what you need.

I need what I deserve, and I can only have it if I give myself the chance to believe in it. I don’t want anybody in my life to make me believe that I don’t deserve what I need, or that I’m not good enough for it. I want to enjoy the things I want and be grateful for them.

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I deserve what I want

You’ve probably seen your self-esteem decrease many times because someone made you see yourself that way, maybe even without even intending to. However, the sooner you learn to give yourself permission to be everything you can and want to be, the sooner you’ll feel better about what you do.

In bad situations, you’ve probably thought the following thousands of times: I don’t deserve this because of what I’ve done; I haven’t done anything to deserve what’s happening to me, etc. But what if the question is: where is the line between learning and unnecessary pain?

I’ve always thought that it’s better to look at situations from the perspective of what we are allowing ourselves: if we let something that we think we don’t deserve wear us down, we’re supporting the idea that we deserve it. We are the only ones who can guarantee that we live each day the way we want to.

If it makes me happy, then it’s for me

I won’t settle for anything that I think is insufficient, or for less than I truly believe I deserve. It’s not that I want the most beautiful things in the world, I just want the people and things that make my world more beautiful. I don’t need anyone who makes me feel otherwise.

Sometimes we’re blind to what’s beneath the surface. For example, maybe you’ve been in a relationship that the people around you didn’t accept, because they didn’t think you deserved it.

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In these cases, we hide away inside ourselves and we don’t want to listen, when we sometime we actually should because if they love us, they’ll want the best for us. Other times, envy might be playing a role in what they’re saying.

“Be happy,  but not for someone else.
And not for something else.
Maybe with someone.
None of that;  be happy because in the end it’s what you deserve.”

-Loreto Sesma-

Above all else, I have to think that what’s important is that I’m happy, so that the people around me are happy, too. If I’m happy, it’s for myself. I deserve it, and I have to fight for it.

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