You Don't Lose Your Kids to the Street, You Lose Them at Home

You Don't Lose Your Kids to the Street, You Lose Them at Home

Last update: 28 July, 2022

You don’t lose your kids “to the street”. In fact, that loss starts in your very home. Homes where the father is absent, where the mother is worried, with a heap of unattended needs and mismanaged frustrations. Teenagers uproot themselves after a childhood of detachments. After a love that didn’t know how to educate, guide or help them.

We’ll start off by making one thing clear, there will always be exceptions. There are obviously children with maladaptive behaviors who have grown up in harmonious homes. Just as there are responsible teens who have put some distance between themselves and their dysfunctional family.

“Sow good ideas into your children. Though they may not understand them today, the future will take care of making them flourish.”
-María Montessori-

The truth is, funny as it may seem, mothers and fathers don’t always accept this type of responsibility. In fact, when a child shows signs of aggressive behavior at school, the teachers reach out to the parents. What usually happens is that the family places blame on the system, school, and community for “not knowing how to educate”. The parents blame them for not intuiting their needs and applying the adequate strategies.

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